Iguodala turned his head to cover his head with a towel and fell on Tang Wenlong’s shoulder, laughing uncontrollably. He was afraid that his impudence would attract hatred. In fact, many Thunder fans laughed themselves at the scene, and the whole basketball game turned into a wrestling meeting and skating rink?


The referee asked the workers’ field to deal with some easy-to-slip places quickly while the ball was dead.
Five or six workers rushed in. First, they dragged the mop back and forth, then took out a huge white towel and wiped it on the floor. Soon it was as clean as ever.
"The finals are just different. Cleaning the floor is so professional." Leuer, the rookie of the team, lamented that although he hardly appeared in the playoffs this year, he followed the team all the way to the finals, and he was also a player on the list of 12 people. For a second-round show, the rookie season will have the opportunity to get his hands on the championship. The happiness index is already very high.
In other words, the skills can be practiced, the body can grow and the money can be earned slowly, but the championship is not something that many superstars in staple goods can reach the top in one generation.
There were many mistakes made by the two teams in the stadium. Tang Wenlong rested for three minutes and then played again.
He twisted his neck, buckled his hands ten times, reversed his knuckles, and then went to the sideline to serve Louis directly.
Louis dribbled the ball on his hip and pushed it to Tang Wenlong after half-time.
Tang Wenlong didn’t stop the ball, and then turned it to the right. Butler held the basketball tightly. Tang Wenlong then came out to cover the ball for him. Speights conveniently ran to the low position. Butler dropped the ball and gave him Tang Wenlong’s direct low position, facing keirrison.
"misplaced the double clip!" Brooks shouted on the sidelines
Tang Wenlong catches the ball, shakes it, dribbles it directly, takes a step back and shoots a jumper!
Keirrison root didn’t expect Tang Wenlong to make such a shot. Generally, small players will choose to break through Tang Wenlong, so it’s just the opposite.
He didn’t interfere with Tang Wenlong’s nearly one position, but it was a bit difficult to shoot.
Hit the first point of the individual game, and the 76 ers led the Thunder 3-3.
After the thunder’s old routine of pick-and-roll attack, it was found that there was no tactical effect. Westbrook directly attacked the outside line and faced the 76 ers’ newcomer Butler’s defense!
"Grass, why is it so difficult for 76 people to come to an outside line casually?" Westbrook’s heart was full of vomit, and Butler failed, and the three-point line was directly pulled out one step at a time
Be badly disturbed by Butler.
The rebound was easily collected by Tang Wenlong, and then he dribbled two steps, dribbling behind his back to avoid delay. He attacked keirrison and jogged through the half court.
At the top of the arc, when Tang Wenlong wants Spetts to pick and roll the dribble to the left, he encounters a thunder double-team and finds a gap to distribute the ball to Spetts.
Speights faced another jump. keirrison made a steady jumper and hit 4-3.
After a game in Tang Wenlong, the tactics of the whole 76ers became flexible again. The 76ers scored two courses in a row, and the situation became unfavorable to Thunder.
Before the end of the halftime, the Thunder barely kept the score difference at this ten-minute game. Before the game, they said that they were tough and aggressive, but they couldn’t prevent the 76ers from attacking. How did they feel? The 76ers would always be present to deliver the ball to a teammate. Even if they couldn’t deliver it, Tang Wenlong’s unreasonable strong shot hit rate was extremely high.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Firmly hanging
Durant stretched out his long arm and rubbed his eyebrows.
Tang Wenlong made the second free throw and took the ball from the referee. He took it twice on the ground and then raised it. His heel was slightly off the ground and his finger was gently swiped.
"Hey!" Arc perfect heart hit!
Tang Wenlong moved backwards and walked backwards, looking over while walking. He and Durant met in the blink of an eye. Durant saw a pair of confident and overbearing eyes, but both of them didn’t speak, but they all felt that their opponents belonged to the same temperament.
Durant looked up and glanced at the big screen again. The technical statistics showed that the score was 7 to 69. After the end of the third quarter, the huge difference was emitting scarlet light, which stimulated his nerves. Tang Wenlong quietly took another 2 points and 3 points, which was also a step away. It can be said that it almost repeated the mistakes of the first two games.
"Can’t do this!" Durant roared in his heart and took the initiative to reach for the ball after half-time.
Tang Wenlong spared Durant from catching the ball. Westbrook couldn’t find the opportunity to dribble directly. He broke through and was given to Harden on the flank after being defended by the 76 ers.
The 76ers turned to defend, and Lori appeared in front of Harden in a flash.
Rabbit Harden is 1.3 meters shorter than ten centimeters, but the style of play is not lacking in momentum. A pair of fighting eyes stare at Harden’s arms like a calf.
Harden made a tentative step, then crossed the path and broke through, snapping one step at a time to stop and take off the shot.
Lori jumped up and interfered with the judgment very accurately.
The missed basketball was recoiled by Gasol’s long arm a little bit to protect the backboard in Tang Wenlong’s hand.
173 seconds, 76 ers left the last attack in the third quarter!
Durant’s long breath is not that he doesn’t want to play basketball hard. After all, it’s still a five-person sport. He can’t go it alone in the whole game. But it really hurts to see his teammates playing while the iron is hot. Maybe he can throw it himself?
Tang Wenlong skillfully pushed the hip dribble to the middle line and then chose the countdown attack.
1 second Tang Wenlong’s eyes flashed clean and dribbled forward.
At this time, the 76ers gave Tang Wenlong Sa Flosa a one-on-one shot at the top of the arc, and chose the side defense to give Tang Wenlong a left breakthrough. Because of the data, Tang Wenlong’s goal rate was 7 percentage points lower than that of the left after the right breakthrough. Although his left and right hands were balanced, it would be more comfortable for him to walk on the right side of the basket.