"Ah, it’s already so late?"


Chu Yu never dreamed that he had been sitting here unconsciously for so long. He quickly got up and said goodbye to the service lady and went back to her room to rest.
"No man is a good thing!" When the young waitress returned to work, she complained quietly to the companions passing by.
"Liz. What’s the matter with you? Did John dump him? Haha. " The speaker is an equally young oriental girl in uniform.
"It’s better to dump him." After a little sad, Liz asked, "Did you just see that Miss Chu who has been sitting in the corner?"
"See ah. She has been sitting there for a long time. By the way, she is really beautiful. I wish I could be as beautiful as her! " The girl said with her hands holding her heart and a face of longing.
"You wait for the next life." Liz sarcastically lowered her voice and whispered, "I’m telling you, I saw her crying when I just passed." It must be because of some smelly man! "
"No, Miss Chu looks so beautiful and nice. Which man would be willing to make her sad? "
"So I said that no man is a good thing. You see the ribs man on the right table has been staring at Miss Chu since he and his companions came. That look is really disgusting! "
The girl looked in the direction that Liz quietly pointed out and saw a thin man like a sparerib drooling over the back of Chuyu. There is also a very ordinary young man sitting beside him.
Seems to feel the girls’ eyes. The ribs man turned to look at their eyes, which made the two girls shudder.
Windson put away a few surprisingly powerful projectile. After a long stretch, I suddenly felt a quiver and seemed to feel a strong resentment sweeping from myself.
"What is this?" The suspicious guy got rid of his head and still didn’t know what to do.
"Damn it!" Windson cursed no longer entertain foolish ideas.
Looked at the time. Windson is now at 12 o’clock at night, and a few small+have arrived at his destination-the guardian star.
"Is my feeling wrong?" Windson couldn’t help wondering about it. In more than ten days on the passenger plane, it didn’t seem that anything threatened him. Windson wanted to think that it may be because he didn’t go out. However, he is fully prepared and does not intend to stay in the room.
Not eating for more than ten days won’t hurt him, but it’s not comfortable to have an empty stomach. What’s more, when Lin Feng took the ticket from Han Yu, he heard that "Elegance" is a famous luxury space passenger plane with all kinds of mouth-watering features.
Food and a variety of entertainment facilities. It’s a pity to have a try as a gourmet.
"Remember that this is a restaurant that serves all night." Lin Feng decided to go to the restaurant to have a good meal.
After emptying the inventory in the guest room toilet and simply freshening up, Lin Fengcai opened the door with the introduction manual of "Elegance" and went out.
Look at the introduction in the manual. "Elegance" is divided into three layers.
The top floor is where the cockpit control center, restaurants and bars and other entertainment facilities are located. The middle floor is the guest room area where Lin Feng stayed for more than ten days, and the emergency escape pod is also on this floor. The ground floor is the power cabin and the rest area for crew and service personnel, which is not open to the public.
In windson along the spiral staircase to the top restaurant when suddenly a slight pretend as if nothing has occurredly raised his head and saw two men head-on gaudy walked to come over.
On the left is a middle-aged man who is very thin and seems to be drunk and can’t see his face clearly. On the right is a young man who looks so ordinary that he can’t be found in the crowd. Although the other party doesn’t seem to be deliberately staring at windson, this time he clearly felt that there was a strong hostility from each other.
Windson don’t know each other’s strength can’t startle with spirit force direct scanning just took a quick glance. Young people seem to have practiced for two days, but the level should not be so good, but middle-aged men make windson look through.
To windson’s surprise, he was secretly alert. He passed by the two men and walked out of the best attack range. After that, the two men still didn’t start work or even saw any signs of wanting to start work.
Lin Feng came to the restaurant full of doubts and found a corner and sat down. Sitting in this position, you can see the magnificent starry sky through the porthole around you, but the mysterious starry sky outside the porthole has not attracted any interest from Lin Feng. At this moment, he is still thinking about the two men he met on the road just now.
The two men windson don’t know who want to deal with yourself? Windson want to broken head also can’t figure it out.
Since I can’t think of windson, I don’t want to think about it.
Glanced at the restaurant, because it was a long journey day and night, the passengers in the restaurant were not very rare, but Lin Feng had no other dangerous roles, so he invited the waiter to order a bunch of exquisite dishes and began to eat.
Not eating for more than ten days made Lin Fengcai’s taste buds extremely sensitive. After wolfing it down, Lin Fengcai slowly poured a glass of red wine and relaxed.
Somehow windson mind suddenly emerged a beautiful appearance.
She’s getting married soon …
I feel very guilty about this girl Lin Feng who let him fall in love at first sight.
Although I didn’t promise anything at the beginning, when I met her for the second time, the girl obviously gave enough hints, but Lin Feng, who was worried, retreated. Windson knew that he had deeply hurt the girl’s heart.
Thought of here, windson couldn’t help but take out the amethyst necklace from the ring and hold it in front of her eyes. The amethyst on the pendant seems to be telling something in the light …
Windson shook his head and tried to expel this inexplicable thought.
Now the love life is bad enough. After bringing Lan Beibei to the earth, Lin Feng intends to let the jealous heart help solve it, but somehow the heart has obviously felt something but unexpectedly remained silent. But what does Xinyu know? Windson is not sure. I only know that I’m in a lot of trouble, so I won’t talk about it. Lanbeibei Sun Yaoyue seems to have expressed his mind. Oh, and that Tan Jingjing who threatened him.
Fortunately, Feng Xueli, who once had a spring breeze with him, doesn’t seem to worry Lin Feng. As for her … Let her feel at ease and be a happy rich wife.
It’s just that will she really feel happy?
Suddenly, thinking of windson suddenly alert up eyes quietly turned to the entrance of the restaurant.
Seven or eight big men in black trench coats filed in, and even ordinary people could feel the unusual smell from them. Immediately, the waiters in the restaurant and the passengers still stranded turned their eyes.
Windson noticed that these bruisers were bulging under the wide windbreaker and seemed to be carrying something.
"Finally!" Windson look a clot of freshly baked smoke instantly appeared in his hand.
Some waiters in the restaurant seem to have noticed something and walked quietly towards the staff passage in the restaurant.
Inadvertently, a tense atmosphere filled the whole restaurant.

Chapter eighty Hijacking (4)
12: 55 a. m.
Several timid passengers checked out of the restaurant, but the seven or eight big men in black windbreakers didn’t stop them, but they casually found some tables and sat down under everyone’s gaze. Lin Fengxian where they sat was holding the exit of the restaurant.
Is it a hijacking? Instantly windson mind flashed out of the idea. If you really deal with yourself, it won’t be as big a scene as so many people. However, it is also a troublesome thing to encounter hijacking on this closed space plane.
The space in the restaurant is relatively open. If these people really have weapons on them, I’m afraid it’s more dangerous. Windson wanted to think and stood up to check out.
Secretly alert windson carefully after guarding a table at the entrance of the black man each other just with cold eyes swept his one eye. The same has not been stopped.
When Lin Feng’ s back disappeared from the entrance of the restaurant, a man in black reported softly to the small intelligent terminal on his wrist: "The target is back in the room!"
Close call out of the restaurant on the way back to the room windson carefully thinking about the origin of these people.
Look at these people’s steady movements and sharp eyes. They are obviously well-trained. Are they anti-government organizations? Thought of here windson not excited. If they are really anti-government organizations, is it possible to find some clues about the whereabouts of their parents from them? His parents disappeared after being hijacked by anti-government organizations on a space plane.
Looking forward to more than ten years at this moment seems to have hope windson feel whole body blood can’t wait to arrest these people immediately to ask. Took a deep breath and windson tried to calm himself down. He didn’t want to destroy this only clue because of his recklessness.
Along the way, some people wearing black trench coats appeared on the main passage of the guest room area in twos and threes, and Lin Feng was more sure to guess that it was a hijacking!
See will go to his room, but windson stopped. He heard waves of fighting not far away. Screaming and the whistling sound when the energy beam cuts through the air.