"Better than indifferent. Come on, I’ve arranged a place for you, and I’ll take you there. "


After waiting for Yu Zhi’s green light, they flew together. When Xiao asked, he quickly asked, "Big Brother, can you tell me how many disciples the master has received? What are their names and what are their characteristics?"
"Don’t worry, to ri long, you have plenty of opportunities to know them. Don’t worry, master’s disciples are all easy to talk to, even if you occasionally call the wrong name, no one will blame you. " Yu Zhi laughed.
"All right, then." Xiao asked only way.
The east and west peaks are very close. In a few words, Yu Zhi flew to the west peak with Xiao Wen and pointed to a small courtyard next to Zhenyanzhai: "Master sent someone to clean up a room for you in that yard, and you will live there in the future."
"Don’t take it for granted, younger brother. The master has received fourteen disciples altogether, so you are fifteen. Only you and eleven younger sisters can live next to the Zhen Yan Zhai."
"The eleventh senior sister also lives in that yard?" Xiao asked obviously didn’t get to the point and asked.
Yu Zhi didn’t care. He nodded and said, "Well, if you have doubts in your practice, it’s the same if you can’t find a master. Her name is Chu Nianrou."
"Ok, I remember."
Kung Fu Yu Zhi, who was talking, had fallen into the small courtyard with Xiao Wen. Then he pointed to a room in the west and said, "This is it. Go in and have a look. If there is anything missing, let me know and I’ll set it up for you. "
Xiao Wen pushed the door and went in, only to find that the room was well furnished, with nothing missing and extremely clean. "Nothing missing," he said.
"That’s good. I’ll show you around again to familiarize you."
As Yu Zhi said, there are many buildings near the Zhen Yan Zhai, but most of them are not inhabited. I haven’t seen many people after a big circle, and they are all three generations of disciples and servants. Everyone will seriously salute Yu Zhi, but they don’t know Xiao Wen yet.
Looking at those three generations of disciples who are older than him, and Yu Zhi, a master elder brother who seems to have more than 60, and then associating with Zuo Ningqing, a master in his forties, Xiao Wen only feels that his head is big. He is really awkward as a second generation disciple …
However, when I learned from Yu Zhi that the attic for collecting classics here was completely open to him, and he could go in and read it at any time, Xiao Wen just forgot those troubles and couldn’t get in at once. As a casual practitioner, you can count all the classics you can touch for a lifetime, which is like this door, where the classics are all in an attic …
When Yu Zhi left, Xiao Wen finally got to know about Mingfeng, especially the vicinity of Zhen Yan Zhai, and then went back to his room to continue thinking about the pride.
Early the next morning, Xiao Wen was thinking about whether he should go to Zuo Ningqing to listen to the teachings. Suddenly, a light yellow Guanghua came through the wall and startled him.
Guanghua stopped in front of Xiao Wen, but it was a virtual symbol when he looked closely. When Xiao Wen reached out and touched it, the virtual symbol was broken down from one end, and at the same time Zuo Ningqing’s voice came out: "Xiao Wen, come to Zhen Yan Zhai."
Xiao asked if he was stupid enough to reply to the empty operator, and quickly closed the door and left the house, and soon he arrived at the mantra Zhai.
Zuo Ningqing stood on the blue brick road in front of the mantra Zhai, but there was another person next to him, a man who looked in his early thirties. The man is talking with Zuo Ningqing, and his words are very respectful. In addition to the two people, there was something standing next to it, which was a bordeaux horse with flame-like energy, and it was extremely divine.
"Come, this is Lu Yanjing, your third brother." Zuo Ningqing nodded to Xiao Wen and then pointed to the man’s way.
"Third brother."
Lu Yanjing looked at Xiao Wen twice, then nodded and said, "Little Brother Xiao."
Zuo Ningqing glanced at Lu Yanjing and smiled: "It’s not like you sent him the hissing wind. It’s just for a few days. Let’s go."
"yes." Lu Yanjing reluctantly walked to the edge of the bordeaux horse and gently caressed its mane, only then did he offer a treasure fan to prepare to leave.
Xiao asked, but his mind was spinning very fast. In the blink of an eye, he wanted to understand what was going on. He quickly said to Lu Yanjing, "Thank you, Third Brother!"
Lu Yanjing came back and finally smiled generously, then said, "You’re welcome."
"Come on, let’s go, you other disciples have a lot to deal with in the future." Zuo Ningqing urged.
Lu Yanjing made another salute to the left, nodded to Xiao Wen, lifted the treasure fan and flew out, but it didn’t fly high, but flew down against the mountain surface, which should be back to his own practice place.
"This hissing wind can ride against the wind, and the speed is quite fast. I will lend it to you for riding in recent years, which is also convenient for you to go up and down the mountain." Zuo Ningqing pointed to the bordeaux horse.
"Thank you, Master."
"Do you still have that token from the introductory test?"
Xiao Wen directly took the token out of the storage ring, and then said, "I have it."
"Now you ride the hissing wind to Yingyue Lake. All the new disciples are there today. In recent weeks, you should go back to the peak in addition to rest, and spend the rest of the time with those new disciples."
"What I told you yesterday, have you figured it out?"
"No …"
"Then keep thinking."
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