-when they were in the secret land, they also met a few monks then and Yuan Ying, but at that time, everyone was absorbed in the spirit treasure pavilion and then the monks were too lazy to release coercion to deter the monks in the foundation period, not to mention the monks around Yuan Ying, and they didn’t expect anything.


Brother Yuan Ying won’t look at them again, and they naturally didn’t feel the coercion of the monks in the foundation period.
Now I can’t help but be fascinated by the strength of the monks in the then period.
The guard in front of the door is the Godsworn in the Foundation Period. This situation is normal-there are always many foreign Godsworn in the city. When these Godsworn arrive at the city gate, they always look up and "pay their respects" to Mo Bao, the duke, and then show such an expression.
They can tell at a glance that these monks are foreign monks.
Godsworn didn’t dare to look straight at the plaque left by the duke.
Team to YunMingYuan and Han Xiumo.
The guard at the city gate took a look at the two of them. "Foreign monks need to pay five hundred spirit beads to enter the city."
The man who just walked in front paused and immediately stepped up. Is he an ordinary man who paid two taels of silver to enter the city or left the city gate quickly?
Otherwise, being angry with these monks will lead to some injuries.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo noticed that the man in front had a preliminary understanding of the city.
They didn’t intend to clash with the guards. Just before the clash, they got Lingzhu in Pingyun City, and some of them each made 500 Lingzhu and entered Linping City.
The gatekeeper monk was disappointed to see that the two of them really took out the spirit bead and picked his eyebrows.
Capture the guard mood YunMingYuan and Han Xiu ink glances impression of Lin Pingcheng suddenly dropped a lot.
No matter how they want to wave their hands, the guards let people into the city and look at a coming monk.
When Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo entered the city, they just heard the guards coming behind them and sneered, "Do you want to go to the city without Lingzhu?"
Two steps shook his head and left the city gate.
But their impression of this city is even worse.
Lin Pingcheng is very busy, and the decoration and buildings all reveal a "moat" atmosphere. After entering the city, a street is full of inns and restaurants, and people come and go. The monks are satisfied with their faces, and those faces are proud. They must be monks in the city.
Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo glances into a most pleasing inn named "Inn in the City".
As soon as I walked into two of them, I realized that there was a huge difference between the inside and outside of the inn, and the aura was shocked.
It seems that Lin Pingcheng’s prosperity is not unreasonable.
Chapter 133 Strange LingShi
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo lived in the independent small courtyard of "Inn in the City"
Lin Pingcheng is indeed a very strange city. Although the attitude of the guards outside the city is not bad, their personalities don’t look very good. It’s just that Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo didn’t meet the situation they targeted.
"We need to wait and see." Yunmingyuan is cautious about whether to directly recognize the duke’s mansion.
Han Xiumo is also very much in favor of "Lin Pingcheng feels a little strange."
Compared with Lin Pingcheng’s strange situation, which can’t be said anywhere, Ping Yuncheng’s situation of being controlled by four families seems to be much more normal.
Instead of making a move, the two men chose to sit tight.
Although they rented five hundred Lingzhu Yard for a day, they didn’t stay in the Yard all the time. They made some disguises and easily left the inn in the city without disturbing the Yard Law.
I got news from the shopkeeper that the inn owner came to this courtyard and knocked at the door, but no one promised to be a little strange, but I didn’t expect Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo to have left the yard. He looked coldly at the shopkeeper.
The shopkeeper came as soon as he had a cold sweat.
I didn’t expect that the friar who had just moved in could not meet the shopkeeper and immediately added a few words, "Those two may be closing."
Dressed in luxury, the owner of Yong Inn was disappointed. He looked at the shopkeeper next to him. "Remember to let me know if they are out."
He thought about it and felt that it was not very safe. He ordered a few words again, "Forget it, I will live in the inn when they leave."
The shopkeeper looked bitter, but where did the owner tell him not to hear? Bitter face nodded "good club"
The young monk glanced at him and left Yunmingyuan Han Xiumo’s residential yard.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo still don’t know that they are being stared at.
They are wandering around Linping City at this time. Although Linping City is full of weirdness, it is much more prosperous than Pingyun City.
Entering the city gate, the whole street is almost an inn. Walking into the city, I found that the city is very lively.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name 8 l a.
In the city, there are stalls selling lingzhi medicinal materials as well as utensils, and there is also a stall dedicated to telling fortune, and there are countless food stalls and vendors. The ordinary people and monks in the city are not as divided as in other places, but there is a harmonious atmosphere vaguely.
Han Xiumo people don’t like ordinary people to involve too much in the world. Not everyone has spiritual roots. If ordinary people are too good, it is easy to involve some unnecessary causes and effects.
But Lin Pingcheng is lively and he does not exclude it.
When I was a child, I longed for the city people to eat Sugar-Coated Berry Han Xiumo and looked at the sugar-coated haws.
He and Yun Mingyuan didn’t actually hide their breath and strength, but now both of them have changed their appearance and image, and they don’t really look like monks.
Yunmingyuan noticed Han Xiumo and took one look at the candied haws. He moved in his heart and took Han Xiumo to walk over and bought two strings of candied haws, one for each person.
Han Xiumo "…" He likes to eat sugar-coated haws for a generation.
However, Yunmingyuan is also very happy to do so.