I came to my grandfather’s residence, where Lin Fengxian was working, and Grandfather Sun was there. Windson immediately politely say hello to the two old people. At the beginning, Lin Feng was very kind to the old man Sun.


"Xiao Feng, it’s less than 30 years since the centennial period. We have to show it quietly in these 30 years. Grandpa Sun and I discussed it and thought it was necessary to solve those alien fleets hovering around the Earth Federation! " Chen Baichuan looked awed.
"Yes. Xiaofeng Now we are doing an important research. In the process of research, we must not be disturbed at all, so I think we should teach those aliens a lesson! Our goal is to realize the two-way exhibitions of science and technology and individual strength! But at present, we need your help. " Master Sun’s tone was unusually firm.
Windson thought of this for decades the earth federal continuously harassed by different ways in the heart angrily.
"Don’t worry, those who make my home will be punished! Everything is at your disposal. This time, we must teach these greedy guys a painful lesson! " Lin Fenglin said that a layer of pure golden brilliance quietly emerged from the body.
A few days later.
Tens of thousands of spaceships with different shapes are facing each other nervously in an empty starry sky 21,900 light-years away from the Earth Federation. It is obvious. The scientific and technological content of one spacecraft is obviously much higher than that of the other, and it also has a great advantage in quantity.
"I have told you these barbarians not to interfere with the major leagues of the universe. Now look at it. There is no hiding place for you in this space. I want to see how you fight against scientific and technological weapons! " The information was uploaded from an aircraft with many silver spikes sticking out.
"whoosh!" A large number of soldiers flew out of the spaceship door.
"You shameless gamma Mary star people used to invade our Hemudu planet. We have never forgotten it! Today, I want to see whether it is science and technology or the strong physique of our Hemudu planet! " Talking loudly through the com is like the first warrior ape Liang of Hemudu planet.
"We Yuanmou people will never forget the hatred of you so-called civilized people!" An alien with an equally tall finger and a sharp bone spur has red eyes.
"Hum! After all, it is a group of barbarians! Can’t you see? This time, we have joined forces with a fleet of 17 planets, and you junk antiques can resist it? Ha ha ha … "
"Commander Ape Liang didn’t expect these selfish guys to form an alliance this time. We are really no match for them …" A tribesman standing behind Ape Liang said.
"no! If we let them pass, the earth Federation will suffer. These guys simply ignore the conventions of the major leagues! " Ape bright shook his head and said.
Right now. The invasion of high-tech planets is becoming more and more blatant. The more they invade, the richer their resources will be. So the strength of many high-tech planets has grown to the point of horror. And a peace-loving planet like Hemudu has a faint trend of falling behind in the major leagues of the universe.
"Give you one last chance! If we don’t leave wisely, we will attack! " The other side of the 17-star alliance shouted arrogantly.
Like a black lightning, a spear with a thick bowl mouth was thrown by Hemudu soldiers behind Ape Liang. A warship on the opposite side was directly scored and then the lights flashed wildly and burst open.
Seeing this, many spaceships retreated in succession.
"Damn barbarians dare to sneak attack!" Originally, these people thought that the bright side of the ape would compromise, and the hapless ship was blown apart by a blow because it didn’t even open the automatic defense device.
Then all kinds of weapons attack towards the place where the ape stood bright bombardment.
"Spread out!" The ape lit up and waved his hammer to block the incoming light or shells. Strange to say, I really don’t know what material this hammer is made of. All the shells fired from it didn’t explode after being smashed, but broke into powder like a wine bottle, and all kinds of lethal light were completely absorbed after encountering the hammer.
The commander-in-chief of Yuanmou Star, who had bone spurs at his fingertips, threw the sharp bone spurs on twelve fingers in front of him and formed a circle. All the shells and rays disappeared strangely after passing through the circle.
Although Ape Liang and others have resisted this wave of attacks with great strength, many soldiers with average strength have been injured. The most serious thing is that their warships have been damaged by the enemy’s round of attacks. These warships are all knockoffs they bought at a high price from the science and technology planet. Although they can wield powerful combat power due to the special talent of the race, they are still inseparable from these warships when crossing the interstellar space.
"Boom!" A soldier of Hemudu planet was hit by a red beam and his body suddenly split apart.
"surrender! Even if I don’t kill you, you won’t be able to cross the distant stars and return to your hometown after you lose your battleship! " There was a triumphant threat from the hedgehog-shaped aircraft.
Ape bright face hate color can only helplessly looking at their allies constantly casualties under each other’s attack.
"Hey!" Ape bright eyes latosolic red up a violent breath spread from his body.
"Hey!" There was another roar loud, and the bright body of the ape suddenly became higher and stronger with the visible degree to the naked eye, and the hammer in the hand was expanding at the same time.
"Extreme atavism! Extreme atavism! " The soldiers of Hemudu Planet screamed. Because different civilizations have passed down all kinds of cultivation techniques in the universe, "extreme atavism" belongs to the top of the cultivation techniques of Hemudu Planet, which is somewhat similar to Du Jie’s soaring among the earth’s federal practitioners.
It’s just that the celestial world of Hemudu planet and the celestial world of the earth Federation are not in the same dimensional space, and even after practicing at the top level, you can decide whether to enter the celestial world by yourself. This is very different from the revision of the Earth Federation.
The legendary "extreme atavism"! The soldiers of Hemudu Star have been shaking their lips with excitement for many years. They have always regarded this highest realm as a myth. As a general rule, countless Hemudu Star people are striving for this goal, but no one has ever really reached this realm.

Chapter three hundred and sixteen Fighting in the starry sky (in)
At this time, I suddenly saw this almost impossible miracle. It happened to the best soldier of Hemudu Planet, the ape. All the Hemudu soldiers were in a state of excitement and might be mixed with a little piety.
"Concentrate on fire and attack him continuously!" Seeing the change of ape brightness, a command mixed with a little panic came from the hedgehog-shaped aircraft.
Now the ape’s bright figure has soared to a terrible level, with a height of seven or eight feet, a five-foot-long hammer on the sky and terrible eyes, which makes those enemies who are obsessed with technology enter a state of absence in an instant.
"Go to hell!" Ape Liang seems to ignore the barrier of space. Generally, it takes only one step to cross the other side’s fleet. The original killing breath on Ape Liang is so oppressive that the personnel in the aircraft suspended in the air can’t breathe even the idea of escape can’t rise after the increase of the hammer.
The black hammer strokes a beautiful arc, which is not as fierce and domineering as ever, but it seems to imply a subtle mystery, like a seedling bent in the breeze and a ripple aroused by raindrops.
Nature! Like an arc that should exist in nature.
No one wants to believe what harm such a gentle and beautiful arc can do to people if it is not the endless murder that gushes out from Ape Liang.
Both enemies and allies are fascinated at this moment, although deep down they think they should be vigilant. But there seems to be another voice saying, "Wait a minute …"
Quietly suspended in the vicinity of the ape light more than a dozen aircraft suddenly broke apart. Sitting inside, the staff still had a hint of ecstasy and consternation on their faces, and then they all broke apart like aircraft.
Even Hemudu Star and Yuanmou Star who stood on the same front with Ape Liang felt a palpitation. It’s not terrible to just kill, but what kind of feeling is it when you watch a group of living people slowly break like glass in front of your eyes and eventually become countless tiny and undifferentiated fragments?
This moment. Time and space seem to stagnate in the whole battlefield, leaving only the slight cracking sound and the occasional fire.
After a brief calm, the space where the hammer passed suddenly became turbulent, and a louder crash clearly appeared in everyone’s ears in the air-free space.
That sound … makes people feel like their hearts are broken …
Then, like the arc just crossed by the ape light, a crack suddenly appeared in the space, and the crack became bigger and bigger, like a spreading water wave, which pushed the other side’s dense aircraft team far away.
Hundreds of aircrafts closest to Ape Liang exploded first, and then more aircrafts exploded.
The successive explosions are like a grand fireworks display.
"Not good! Fall back! Quick … "See suddenly has lost more than two thousand aircraft. The rest of the aircraft woke up and fled to the distance at the fastest speed.
The blood in the ape’s bright eyes gradually faded, and he was puzzled to look at the scene before him and felt unbelievable. But then he felt a burst of fatigue, and the blow just now had made him overdraw his physical strength.
I can’t believe that intelligent creatures can achieve such a horrible situation by their own strength! Panic filled the aircraft that fled to the distance.
At this time, windson is teaching the practice experience to the federal army of fixing truth at the base. Although Lin Feng’s practice route is not the same as the general practice, his rich combat experience is undoubtedly a great help to the practitioners.
Enter the union of the fix true each person got a set of defensive armor and a high-quality flying sword did not reach the yuan baby to fix true is able to learn windson finishing fix true achievement method at will.
Such a good thing is not everyone can meet, so these fix true people have spent almost every day in excitement since they defected to Lin Feng’s men.
Lin Feng finished speaking. He carefully selected 600 strong practitioners among the army of repairing truth, and he planned to carve these people well and then use them as the main force to attack alien invaders.
Suddenly windson seems to feel something. Busy throwing God’s knowledge into the distance. "You don’t have to be afraid that he will never be able to perform such an attack for the second time!" The sound came from a diamond-shaped aircraft. This is the aircraft characteristic of Lava Sakura.
The research direction of Lava Sakura people is mainly fixed on the aspect of scientific and technological repair, so their research on energy is very in-depth. They immediately judged that the horrible blow just now had absolutely exhausted the ape’s physical strength after seeing his stunned expression!
The fact is that the ape’s bright body gradually returned to its original shape. Seeing that the commander-in-chief was wrong, a Hemudu soldier hurriedly helped the ape to the crowd.