In this extremely excited state, Lin Feng’s mind is also slowly expanding unconsciously as if it can cover the whole planet and even the whole universe.


However, sometimes the manpower is poor, and finally after running for hundreds of kilometers, Lin Feng fell to the ground with a soft foot.
"Ha ha ….." Fell completely embarassed windson suddenly burst into laughter without wiping it.
The laughter gradually faded and finally stopped. While Lin Fengze quietly with a satisfied smile into the sweet dream …
Wake up windson only feel refreshed body muscles don’t seem to have any discomfort because of strenuous exercise.
After visualization, Lin Feng was delighted that there was only a small part of the energy of the jade crystal that was entrenched in the cell, and the fused cell was more strong and powerful.
After killing a small animal at random, roasting it carefully and feeding its belly. Windson cross legs sat down again and began to practice.
That little thing in the mainland of Dantian is still the size of mung bean. It is very helpless to get used to seeing the "longan" forest air.
Received orders from windson Dan kind of spin up thick pure five elements of reiki surging out of the mud pill palace. After running in the whole body meridians for a week, it was absorbed by Dan species and turned into the true element of forest air. With the help of "Five Elements of Lingying" Cocoa, Lin Feng’s degree of cultivation is dozens of times faster than before. The reason why the degree is so much faster than before. Mainly because there are so few reiki on the earth, if it weren’t for the negligence of Dean Sun, it is still a question whether Lin Feng could bear Dan or not by replacing the life fluid prepared for Lin Feng with the solution of "Nine Return to Yuan Dan".
It’s also interesting to say that the five elements of aura that Lin Feng absorbed from cocoa are just nine Niu Yi hairs for the "five elements of spiritual baby", and the spirit that the same cocoa absorbed from Lin Feng is also insignificant for Lin Feng. However, the two of them have gained a lot and formed a wonderful symbiotic relationship.
Psycho once is enough. Any more is self-abuse.
Windson practice after don’t want to run forward and don’t want to walk slowly.
Guess that layer of reiki layer over A star wants to dissipate completely, I’m afraid it will take a long time, at least before the end of the training on A star, there is no need to worry about being directly monitored by the military. So windson took out the folded small aircraft from the ring …
Flying in the sky and running on the ground are two completely different experiences, looking at people under you. Feeling the oncoming breeze makes people feel relaxed and happy. Free and easy.
"It’s a pity ….." Windson sighed in the air. He could have broken Dan into a baby that day if he hadn’t practiced "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie". According to the introduction in the book of fixing the truth. Once the ordinary fix true person reaches the Yuan infant period, he can fly the sword. Where do you need it? He needs an aircraft to fly.
With the help of the aircraft, windson soon caught up with the small scout that was released that day, but windson didn’t intend to retrieve the signal instrument, but crossed the scout and flew to the scheduled landing point of the scout, which was 1oo away from the destination.
After landing, Lin Feng chose a scenic place to set up a camp and began to seriously study the most basic law prohibition of an alchemist and refiner in the Fix the True Collection. These things will come in handy in the future.
Time flies so fast that he wakes up from a serious study when a small scout lands not far from windson. Fixing the truth is originally acting against the sky, and the relevant knowledge is profound. Gossip, five elements, yin and yang, two instruments can make an ordinary person spend his whole life unable to grasp thoroughly, and windson can only watch a rough one in a short time.
Windson sighed to tidy up the camp and stepped forward to pick up the small scout and remove the signal instrument.
The remaining journey of 1oo is only a few hours for windson. When a small base appears in windson’s field of vision, it means that this A-star training tour is coming to an end.
Two sentries at the gate of the small base met up immediately after seeing the figure of windson. One of the yellow-skinned sentries, who had a crush on last year, asked, "Are you warrant officer Lin Feng?"
Windson nodded his head on a star big six walking alone and only windson them this batch of personnel to participate in the mecha manipulator training.
"Great, today is the last day. We thought you couldn’t make it." Another little sentry was very excited, and the future mecha manipulator was also a kind of existence that needed to be respected for them.
"Now I was passed? What should I do next? " Windson asked.
"Sir, after you enter the base, you will personally inform the main base of your arrival through the contact equipment of the base. Then you will be officially passed this training. Then you can rest with us for one night. Tomorrow morning, the base will send an aircraft to take you back to the main base. " The old sentry also served on Star A for a long time and received many officers who participated in the training. He is still very clear about these procedures.
After windson entered the small base, the base has received the notice from the sentry and sent a warrant officer to be responsible for the special reception.
See windson disappeared in the base building under the guidance of the receptionist.
The two sentries at the door talked quietly.
"Boy. I don’t think this warrant officer named Lin Feng is an ordinary person! " The old sentry suddenly said.
"Oh, Han Hai, how do you know?" The little sentry asked doubtfully.
"David. You haven’t been here long. Don’t tell me a secret. " Called the house sentry secretive said.
"Don’t worry. I am famous for my firm mouth! " David must have said that he had a secret message and immediately turned his ears up.
"You know what? The route from the main base to our base is one of the best routes, and it is impossible for people without certain connections and backgrounds to draw this route. In the past, the trainees who successfully arrived at our base were all relatives of the children of the federal high-level. "