"Hum, I don’t want to hear you put in a good word for him. Give me a side." Qian Daoliu stared at Qian Hexue, and he couldn’t help but feel a little delicious. He hasn’t done anything to Zhao yet. Qian Hexue protected him like this. Can’t you see that he is trying to help her win more as much as possible? If so many women around Zhao are not clever, they will be wronged. What if they can’t even turn once a month? Now this little sweet talk will make a person regret loving Zhao at night.


"Oh," the snow suddenly wronged flat mouth beautiful eyes looking at zhao gave me a nai expression.
"I really like Cher Cher, and I like her. We in two of a kind also ask our predecessors to allow us to be together …" Zhao stretched out his hand and took the snow and looked at thousands of streams.
"two of a kind? What about those confidantes around you? "
"If you really want to marry those women in Cher, you can’t marry them." Thousands of people looked at Zhao coldly.
Zhao heard these scalp pins and needles for a while. The old man seems to be a little difficult. The snow doesn’t care about those, but it’s impossible not to care about thousands of streams
"I will treat Cher equally, I will never treat her badly, and I will not give up on others," Zhao said.
"You …" Thousands of streams looked at Zhao with a trace of anger.
"Treat all the same according to your meaning, so Cher can’t get married with you in a straight room?"
At this time, even the beautiful eyes of the snow looked at Zhao. Although she didn’t care about those hollow names, she didn’t want to be worse than others in Zhao’s heart. She also had some jealousy.
Zhao’s face is stagnant, and no girl will not care about these things, even a thousand snow can’t do it. This is a proposition.
"How is that possible? If Cher marries me, it’s huotang legally. "Zhao crustily skin of head said that it’s a big deal for the queen to have more than three wives and four concubines. It’s not like a wife can have one.
"Hum, if you really want to marry those people, it’s not impossible. Either Cher is a wife, or it’s really equal. All of them are your wife, and my granddaughter can’t be inferior." A thousand streams of natural white Zhao’s mind is so angry that he can’t wait to slap Zhao to death, but he knows that Cher is a stubborn character who loves a person and will never die. If she really kills Zhao, she will not see Cher’s face and smile again. More importantly, she must be open-minded in inheriting the gods. If she really shoots Zhao, she will die.
He naturally has a clear assessment of the angel god. One of them is that if he has emotional defects, he will not pass the assessment. Other talents are very high. Naturally, he will not be unable to become a god because of these small things. This is actually an important reason why he agreed to be with Zhao.
Qian Shenxue has already loved Zhao, and now he has no obstacles.
"That’s a natural elder. Rest assured that I won’t mistreat Cher. If Cher can’t get happiness by my side, the elder can take Cher away at any time." Zhao Jian Qian Daoliu seems to look loose and suddenly said.
"Even if Cher follows you, the Hall of the Soul will still be there. You must ensure that the Hall of the Soul is complete and let us inherit it." Qian Daoliu continued to stop talking about the snow.
"That’s natural. If the predecessors allow it, the Hall of the Soul is the national religion of the Imperial Kingdom. Through the calendar, the Pope will become the national religion of the Imperial Kingdom. The Hall of the Soul and the Empire will manage the affairs of Douluo Mainland together." Zhao directly promised that after all, the Pope of the Hall of the Soul will be him and thousands of snow children. No matter how much he promises, it will not be cheap for outsiders.
"We’ll talk about these things then." Qian Daoliu shook his head. For the time being, he didn’t want to directly hand over the Wu Soul Hall to Zhao, and he couldn’t. Although he controlled the Feng Hall and the Elder Hall, Bidong was the Pope of the Wu Soul Hall. Now she is very strong, and her prestige in the Wu Soul Hall is not much lower than him.
"You two go first. In a few days, I will announce that you, Cher and Zhao Xiao will pay attention to me. Don’t do anything bad to Cher. Cher must ensure that if you dare to do anything bad, I will not spare you." Thousand streams glanced at Zhao lightly and said.
Hearing these words from thousands of streams, Qianxue’s face turned red with a brush, and her heart was pounding and jumping, lying in Zhao’s arms, so ashamed that she couldn’t even get angry. At the same time, there was still a little sweetness in her heart. Grandpa really agreed that after she and Zhao were together, she and Zhao Keguang were together, and no one dared to say anything, not even Bibidong.
Zhao smiled and touched Qianqixue’s long blond hair. Although he also wanted to live a happy life with Qianqixue, he still dared not do bad things directly.
Since Qian Daoliu said that whether it is true or not, he can’t do anything about Qian Qixue, and he has to wait for Qian Daoliu to completely accept his presence.
Chapter 457 than east anger
Pope hall
Bibidong sat at the table with her beautiful cheeks and a long black dress, which made her more temperament, but she was cold and dignified, which made people dare not have any bad thoughts on her.
"Zhao unexpectedly came to Wu Soul City and went to Wu Soul College. This news is so important that we just know it now." Bidong said that the eyes swept to the body, and the two people exuded a horrible aura, which made a cold sweat come out from the intrigue.
"If Pope Mianzhao’s strength wants to come to Wu Soul City without our knowledge, we may not be able to guard it." Ghost Fight said that he looked down at Bidong instantly.
"And now Zhao’s strength seems to be stronger. When Miss Zhao came back yesterday, he also entered the temple with Miss Zhao."
"Humming the elders of the Hall of the Soul can’t be done well. What else do you have?" Bibiton said angrily, at this time, she was a little angry, and when she recalled Zhao’s figure in her mind, she couldn’t help but be a little flustered. She suspected that she had been cheated by Zhao, and she shouldn’t have left Zhao this scourge at that time. Now his strength seems to rise much faster than she thought.
More importantly, he was able to go to the temple and didn’t shoot him. This is what she never expected. Did Zhao get the approval of Qiandaoliu? How is that possible?
She couldn’t help but feel a little flustered and made a wrong move. Now Zhao’s appearance seems to have disrupted all her arrangements. Zhao is much stronger than she thought.
If Zhao Zhen is recognized by thousands of streams, her words in the Hall of the Soul will plummet.
The position of Pope in the Hall of the Soul has always been held by thousands of families.
Chihiro died tragically in those days, and the only blood in a thousand families was so young that she took the opportunity to be pope, and Chihiro has never made any trouble with her, but has always helped her maintain the stability of the Wu Soul Hall.
A thousand thoughts are to get back to the papacy after a thousand snows are strong.
In recent years, although she is the Pope of the Soul Hall, many titles of Douro are subject to thousands of streams. Her confidants are not many Judouro ghosts, but even the weakest in Fengdian.
"Did Qian Daoliu tell him to go to the temple?" Bibiton asked some indecision.
"We can’t put our hands in the temple, but at that time, Miss Zhao and I left together hand in hand, just like lovers, which I suspect …" Ghost Dou Luo said that his face was a little ugly, and Zhao had broken his arm. He thought he would avenge him, but if Zhao Zhen and Miss Zhao succeeded, then Zhao dared to move in the Wu Soul Hall, not even the Pope.
The strength of the elder is unfathomable, which is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
"Hum a thousand words is really willing to give up, but I don’t agree that they are together. How can a shame like Cher Happiness Zhao deserve her?"