Long-eared Dingguang Fairy returned to Wanxian Array, and looked at the four-soul banners being broken, and her face was changeable.


The next day, Qing Ye and Nu Wa led the crowd to meet Tongtian in front of Wanxian Array. Qing Ye said to Tongtian with a smile, "Brother Tongtian, it’s good to say goodbye since the last time you killed the Fairy Array."
Hearing Qing Ye mention the killing of the fairy array, Tongtian turned pale: "Qing Ye, there’s no need to mention the past. I’ll see you again today.
"Qing Ye laughed." Great goodness. "
Tongtian didn’t say much, but with a snort of cold, he entered the array, then waved the Qingyun banner in the Wanxian array, stepped out of several people, and laid it in different directions for a while. When Qing Ye saw it, he said with a smile, "Tai Chi has two instruments and four elephant arrays? Who will break this array? "
Shijie stood up and said, "Master, I’ve come to break this array."
Qing Ye nodded and said, "OK, be careful." Stone alum respect should be.
The main array of Taiji Two Instruments Four Elephants Array is the Golden Hoop Fairy. When Golden Hoop Fairy saw Shi Fan coming to meet the array, he sneered, "Shijie, you have killed my disciples many times, and today I will let you come to a bad end." After that, he killed the sword, and Shi Fan was busy blocking the exquisite sword in his hand, and then fought with it. After several rounds, the Golden Hoop Fairy lost to Shijie and was about to retreat into the Tai Chi Two Instruments Four Elephants Array, but Shi Fan sacrificed a mirror of Yin and Yang, and he was stunned. He was already dead, and so were several other people in the Four Elephants Array.
Seeing this, Tongtian was furious, and then he moved a white flag to form a large array, only to be crushed by the land of Tianjiao, and so did the flag and apricot banners, which were broken by Kong Xuan and liu er one by one.
Qing Ye stepped forward and said with a smile, "Brother Tongtian, what other means can we use to bring him here?"
Tongtian sneered: "Now I will let you know that Wanxian Array is powerful." Then move the thunder, shake the emerald blue flag at the gate of Wanxian Array, and walk out of the four strangers dressed in Tsing Yi. Then, the golden bell rang again, and the big red flag in the array shook, and walked out of the four road flyovers dressed in red and crimson. Then, the white flag in the array shook, and walked out of the four strangers dressed in big white, and they looked fierce. They saw that Tongtian pointed the sword in his hand to the east, west, south and north, and then walked out of the four.
Twenty-eight people out, each stood by the azimuth, Qing Ye know, this is 928 nights, but see homicidal, gloomy, thunder and lightning, very interested.
Ye counted and nodded. Although the 928 nights were not as profound as Taoist Duobao and Sanxiao, they also reached the level of Jin Xian’s cultivation, and set the array of 28 nights. Even the pick Jin Xian could be trapped, and then Kong Xuan went to break the array.
Kong Xuanyou is known as the first person under a saint. Although the array of Twenty-eight Hostels is powerful, it can’t compete with Kong Xuan’s five-color divine light, which was collected by Kong Xuan one by one.
Tongtian saw it again, regardless of face, and killed it with a sword. Qing Ye sacrificed HarmonyOS’s sword to stop it, and killed it with all the people. Kong Xuan offered a five-color divine light, which was invincible, while liu er’s wishful stick in his hand had the potential to break the sky, and everyone was cut off and turned into a meat. Stone alum’s exquisite sword and mirror of Yin and Yang were also great in power, while Lu Ya’s innate spiritual fire and fairy-cutting gourd killed countless enemies, and Hongyun’s scattered gourd bloomed again after tens of thousands of years. There is apricot yellow flag for protection, which is very powerful. Yang Ming’s true Yang sword is sacrificed in the air and turned into ten thousand fire swords. Peng Zu, Ao Guang and the Dragon King of the East China Sea also showed their abilities, and they were killed to stop everyone from crying and shouting.
Nu Wa can’t make moves to the next generation, and she can’t help Qing Ye, so she defends the array outside the array.
And intercept and teach the Notre Dame of Dolly to sacrifice four elephant towers and rise up to kill them. Road flyover Duobao shows an acre of Qingyun. Above Qingyun, there are many pagodas, with octagonal towers, glittering and glittering, scattered with the ancient flavor of the universe, and the Notre Dame and others also sacrificed spiritual treasures. For a while, both sides were killed in darkness, and the three worlds of heaven and earth were frightened.
Chapter one hundred and forty-four Lift its head
World, Lingxiao Hall. Heaven of Science and the Queen Mother of the West fought against all the immortals and religions through the mirror of Kunlun. It is terrible to say that Qing Ye fought alone for the four saints not long ago. Now the scuffle between the two religions is wonderful, and everyone is watching nervously. The heartstrings are like two old cows pulling tightly on both sides, which may "collapse" at any time.
In the kunlun mirror, Taibai Venus saw the demon clan of heaven who had defected to the heavenly religion, such as Ying Zhao and Fei Dan, displaying their great power in the Wanxian Array. She thought to herself, "They have defected from the heavenly religion and are supported by the violet saints, so the great Buddha will not be afraid at that time. They used to target them, but they are afraid that they will be killed in the future. We must try to get rid of them."
Taibai Venus turned her eyes to her heart and went out to say to Haotian, "Speak to Your Majesty, Ying Zhao and Fei Dan and others not only don’t respect Your Majesty’s will, but they have rebelled against Heaven and joined Heaven, which is the crime of reincarnation of animals throughout the world. If this crime is not treated, it will damage Tianwei, and I think it will be more difficult to subdue the Three Realms.
Just as Taibai Venus said this, he was interrupted by Haotian: "Oh, what do Taibai Qing’s family think?" As usual, if Venus Taibai pays attention to Haotian’s face, she will see that Haotian’s face is very bad, and her tone implies anger. However, Venus Taibai was dizzy with hatred at this time, thinking that Haotian was moved, and she bowed her head and offered a plan: "If you don’t send an expert, you will kill him while the two religions are fighting, so as to establish Tianwei."
Taibai had just finished, and Haotian was no longer angry and roared, "Shut the fuck up! To stand up to heaven? Make your mother’s power! Don’t think I don’t know what’s on your mind! I’ll give you these bad ideas later, so that I won’t put you into eighteen layers of hell! " Heaven roared, and Venus fell prostrate in fear, trembling and not knowing what to do.
And all the immortals under the hall of heaven looked at heaven in amazement. Now they know that the jade emperor, who has always been weak and gentle and paid attention to instrument image, used to scold rude words so majestically.
Ying Zhao and Fei Christmas rebelled against Heaven and joined Heaven. In Heaven’s view, it was mostly because of Taibai. Moreover, after Heaven saw the strength of Heaven now, it was deeply felt how unwise it was to make enemies with Heaven several times, and then all the faults were attributed to Taibai, thinking that if Taibai was full of bad ideas, he could not have made these mistakes himself.
Looking at Taibai, who was shivering on the ground, Hao Tian thought to himself, "If the heavenly religion comes to condemn them then, it would be a good thing to hand over Taibai to dispel their anger." However, Taibai, who was still prostrating on the ground, didn’t know that Heaven of Science had condemned him to death at this time.
"Come on, don’t mention it again." Heaven of science said to Voldemort Taibai.
Taibai was delighted. I thought that Heaven of Science was just a temporary anger. The gas has subsided. Thanks. Yeah. Then stand up. I don’t know if heaven is watching him, but it may still be useful. That’s why he was spared. Otherwise, someone would have cut his fairy roots just now. Into the reincarnation.
At this time, in Bajing Palace. The Xuan capital exorcist looked at the water mirror in the air on the temple to show the fighting situation between Tianjiao and Jiejiao. I couldn’t help saying to Lao Tzu, "Master. If we go to help Uncle Tongtian? "
Lao Tzu took a look at Xuandu, the great disciple. He said slowly, "It’s a foregone conclusion that the interception failed. Is that we help. It can’t be saved. " Then there was a sigh in the empty palace of Bajing Palace. Echoes for a long time. Exorcist, the capital of Xuandu, has yet to say anything. But in the end, I didn’t speak.
Jade Palace in Kunlun Mountain. Yuan Shi also looked at the water mirror in the air. Have a rich expression on your face. I don’t know what I’m thinking. Suddenly. From the water mirror came the sound of misery that spread all over the world.
I saw Tongtian under Ye Qing’s attack. Losing ground. Use both hands and feet. Or ate a HarmonyOS sword from Qing Ye. I was only beaten back a few miles. The robes are messy. The bun hangs freely over the shoulders. There is no image of a saint. Like begging on the street.
And at this point. Ninety-twenty-eight nights were almost all killed by Kong Xuan and others. Entered the demon list. There is only one hill leading to make a final struggle there. Qiu introduced that the tide was gone. Even the master Zhang Jiao was beaten. I had the heart to escape. I was just about to escape. See you in shiji. Sacrifice the eight diagrams dragon beard. Hold the square. Then the exquisite sword was offered in his hand. Nine holes are bright. Kill it in an instant. Since then. Nine twenty-eight nights are all dead.
Long-haired Tongtian saw that 928 nights were all finished, and he felt pain and anger in his heart, but he was still unwilling. When Qing Ye saw him, he felt helpless. Sometimes, people are like this, knowing that they can’t do it, and even saints are bound to make this mistake. Lao Zi, Yuan Shi, Zhun Ti and Jie Yin are not enemies of Qing Ye, let alone Tongtian? If Tongtian wants to kill the four immortals’ swords, maybe he can fight with Qing Ye for a while, but last time Qing Ye broke the four immortals’ swords, and Tongtian hasn’t been completely repaired. How to kill the fairy sword array?
Meaningless, after several rounds, Tongtian’s shoulder was hit by Qing Ye’s Kongtong seal again, and the true fire of Tongtian Samadhi came out.
Tongtian defeat is the end, while other disciples, such as Notre Dame Dolly, Notre Dame, Long-eared Immortal, Golden Tooth Immortal, Yunxiao, Bixiao, Qiongxiao and Taoist Duobao, are also in danger. First of all, the Notre Dame Dolly ate a golden hoop that liu er wished.
As soon as I turned it over, I took the previous step, and then it was under the immortal gourd and Hongyun’s scattered gourd.
Seeing this, the sky was filled with hatred and roared, "Long ears, shake the four-soul banner quickly!" " In one voice, there was no response, and I was surprised. I roared again: "Long ears, shake the four-soul banner quickly!" " After shouting again, there was still no response. When I counted my fingers, I knew that the long-eared Dingguang fairy had escaped, and I was so angry that I flew into a rage.
"Long ears, you traitor, I will not spare you!" Roars from heaven and earth resounded through the sky, shaking Wan Li around.
It turned out that Qing Ye had eliminated the name on the four-soul banner. After Long Ear returned to camp, he was afraid of blaming Tongtian, but he didn’t tell Tongtian about it. Now, seeing that the interception was defeated and he was afraid of being punished by Tongtian, he fled early. Long Ear, who had fled thousands of miles away, heard Tongtian’s roar and was scared to fall, his face was white. Then on reflection, he fled to the west and rebelled against Western Buddhism in order to be allowed to mention and lead.
Seeing that most of the disciples in the Sect of the Wanxian Array were dead, many of them had fled, and they were disheartened. They could no longer afford to argue with Qing Ye about the face, so they fled hastily with Taoist Duobao and Sanxiao, who were still alive for the rest of their lives, and hundreds of other registered disciples.
Taoist Duobao had the quasi-holy cultivation, and it was understandable that he escaped from the Wan Xian array. However, Sanxiao was able to escape the murder because Nu Wa was so happy when she saw these three "baby girls" that she couldn’t bear to put them on the demon list. That’s why everyone was taught by Heaven to let Sanxiao live.
Tongtian fled, and the array of immortals was broken. Since then, the last battle between Tianjiao and Jiejiao has come to an end.
The interception was defeated, and the 1,500-year robbery was over.
There are countless sighs in the three realms of heaven and earth. In this 1,500-year killing and robbery, the four religions of man, interpretation, interception and heaven won a great victory, and several families were happy and worried.
Qing Ye saw that Jiejiao had been defeated. Next, Jiang Ziya led the Zhou Dynasty army to break Mengjin, and went straight to the Chaoge Palace. Then he went back to the Violet Palace with Nu Wa and his disciples Kong Xuan, liu er, Shijie and Yangming, but Hongyun still left Zhou Ying to help Jiang Ziya and Lu Yu finish sealing the gods and demons.
There are still a few people on the list of gods and demons.
Jiang Ziya led Zhou Jun to break the five levels and crossed the Yellow River until Mengjin. All the people were scared out of their minds, and millions of people in the city of Chaoge were rumored. However, when they heard Zhou Jun’s victory, they were almost as happy as Chaoge. Because of the excesses of Zhou Wang in the past ten years, people’s physical strength and financial resources were greatly hurt, and they built the Star-Picking Building and the Meat Forest Wine Pool for their feasting. People’s hearts have long been anti-business, and they have always heard that Wang Su-hu, Zhou Ren of the Zhou Dynasty, was the king of righteousness, and treated the