And that a few captains are shaking all over. I feel like I’m falling, icehouse.


Xiaotian this guy beside the female milk, not clap your hands and cheer, eyes at the stars. Although he has firmly believed that his father is the best in the world, he can’t help cheering whenever he sees Qing beating the other bad guys.
The little fellow is determined to be the strongest like his father in the future.
Down with all the bad guys! This is the wish of the heart now.
The prostitute looked at her son with a smile, and it was her happiest thing to have a husband and be like this.
Qingyi punched the silver god, and there was silence. For a long time, the sea of chaos fluctuated strongly, as if it contained a horrible monster. Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the fluctuating sea. Up a whole body braved the golden flame.
It is the Lord god of complex silver who was blown away by a clear blow.
The ontology of the Lord god of complex silver is a unicorn gold order in the sea of chaos. As the first and only unicorn gold price in countless planes, the ontology defense of the Lord god of complex silver is not weaker than that of Beirut at the beginning, and because the main deity of one Lord god is stronger than that of the next, his ontology defense is even stronger than Beirut.
Qing did not reveal Pangu’s true body. One punch blew out, which only caused him minor injuries.
The Lord god of complex silver looked at Qing, and his eyes were scarlet. Murder: "Qing, do you think you can kill me with one punch?" Now, I will cripple you and your woman. " Say that finish, a huge monster appeared behind him.
This monster, which is thousands of meters high, has four thick feet like mountains, eyes like huge red lanterns, and its body is covered with golden scales, which is his body.
After the Lord God of Silver Complex revealed himself, suddenly, there was a loud noise of "quack" between heaven and earth. If the sound is as strong as gold, it seems to penetrate the sky and dive into the deep sea. The people on Star Cross Island only feel that their souls and bodies are strongly pierced by a sharp thorn.
Then, the Lord god of winding silver covered with golden scales clenched his fists and struck directly at Qing Dynasty.
"The wave of destruction!" I saw a series of golden boxing shadows showing a circle of gas waves like a golden steel ring, and this gas wave was surrounded by black destructive power.
This Li Liang God, like Outred, the master of destruction, practices the rules of destruction. However, this blow seems to be tough, but compared with the attack of Outred, the master of destruction, it seems to be dwarfed.
Laugh coldly, binge drink, reveal Pangu’s real body, and ignore the "croak" noise. It’s a blow to tear the space.
Now, the Qing Pangu is really condensed, and it is stronger than the so-called supreme artifact. How can the Lord God of the Silver Collation beat it? Just listen to the "card rub". Let me know. Star cross island people heard the sound of a fracture, and then, they heard the screaming like a miserable pig of the Lord god of complex silver, and then they saw the Lord god of complex silver flying backwards faster than before.
That’s not to mention, Qing flew forward, followed by a punch, which directly hit the chest of the Lord God of Silver.
"Chip, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.
There was a loud bang, and their eyes were high above the winding silver Lord God, which fell on the island of Star Cross, and stood in front of the winding silver Lord God, and then directly opened the eye of the scourge, only to see several chaotic robberies, forming a chaotic Lei Long, bombarding the winding silver Lord God and directly swallowing it.
Chaotic thunder and lightning disappeared, a huge deep hole was formed on the ground, and destructive thunder and lightning still remained at the edge of the deep hole, making a sizzling sound, and a deity lacking red light rose in the air.
Clear your hands and take away the main deity. Then he looked at the captains coldly: "Lord God? I don’t even deserve to lick my toes! "
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Chapter three hundred and five Join hands with Nature Palace
Deng’s captains who beat up the poison fart of Yinfeng God were stunned by the fact that they were killed, so when Ye Lengli’s voice floated into their ears. They felt despair, which was a kind of despair without a trace of life.
What kind of power is it to kill the Lord God? They don’t know, but they know that the high above God can kill the prison shura and the strong government owner with only one thought.
The Lord god of complex silver is the second strongest in hell besides destroying slaughter.
However, the second strongest man was killed without any resistance! After the shock. Is confused, and then looked at Qing Ye with.
Qing Ye’s eyes flashed with lightning. Suddenly, there was an energy fluctuation in the sky, and the captains were reduced to ashes.
"You will go down with your so-called God, and then lick his toes." Qing Ye cold so way.
Qing Ye killed the Lord God of complex silver in one fell swoop, completely deterring the people on Star Cross Island.
Millions of people, silent.
"Ahem. After several serious injuries, the sound of groans spread faintly, breaking the silence. Only from the rubble, Long Jiuyou, Lin Meng and Barker made a faint sound.
Qing Ye said, his hands gave a clear light. Covering the people, a surging vitality filled between the dead and the earth, and Long Jiuyou, Lin Meng and Buck and others recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.
After the meeting, Long Jiuyou, Lin Meng and Barker, who were seriously injured, recovered as usual.
Dragon Nine Deep and Remote, Limmon and Barker have the armor of Qing Ye’s refined top-grade fairy wares, which is comparable to the main artifact. The Lord God of Silver Complex can’t kill everyone with one thought, but he just seriously injured them all.
Seeing Qing Ye, Long Jiuyou, Lin Meng, Buck and others were delighted and came to visit.
As if they had found the backbone, Long Jiuyou, Lin Meng and Buck bowed in awe and joy.
Qing Ye hands brushed, and then the people brushed up, looking at this batch of the first with violet mercenary group’s veteran at your side, Qing Ye how many regrets, however, now, everything is finally over.
With the strength of Qing Ye and Nu Wa now, unless those masters join hands, no one can threaten everyone.
Qing Ye and the prostitute took Ye Tian and the others into Xingheng Mansion, and then they sat down.
They told Qing Ye and prostitutes about what had happened in Yokoshima in recent days, and Qing Ye and Nvjuan nodded.
Violet mercenary group, it seems that it will be renamed.
In the name of Tianjiao, because of its weak strength, it temporarily ordered the violet mercenary group. From now on, let’s set up a branch of "Tianjiao" here.
"From now on, the violet mercenary group was renamed Tianjiao. The former violet mercenary group members were all disciples of Tianjiao. Anyone who entered our Tianjiao no longer believed in the four supreme gods." Qing Ye faint majestic voice.
Sitting on the hall, Qing Ye exudes a faint auspicious qi, which has become a kind of sage.
For Qing Ye to change the name of the violet mercenary group to Tianjiao, members of the violet mercenary group such as Long Jiuyou, Lin Meng and Buck will naturally not object, and respect should be.