"I which meeting think so? You are more determined than gay when facing women. How can I seduce you? " Lim Yoon A actually has this plan, but how can he admit it at this time?


Zhang Chengyuan said, "Whether you want to put on your pants so much or not."
Lim Yoon A lay down and stuck to Zhang Chengyuan and said, "Don’t bother to wear it. If you want to wear it, you can help me wear it."
Zhang Chengyuan sighed again and said, "Yunbao, you are determined to make it difficult for me tonight." He said that he got up and helped her to wear her pants.
Lim Yoon A smiled. "ppa, am I in good shape?"
"Well, it’s very good."
"But what is wrong with you I am tempted? It seems that your psychological obstacle is really strong enough to actually suppress your heart! "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I feel quite strange about this, but fortunately, it didn’t make me a real cesium wolf with no bottom line and hurt my sisters."
Lim Yoon A said, "Is it true that all sisters like you or want to be with you? Of course, I’m not included. I wish you would’ eat’ me."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sooner or later, you need to be impatient."
Lim Yoon A added, "I wanted to kill you while you were asleep tonight, but it didn’t work. So can you make it up to me a little? Let me experience the happiness of men and women again before falling asleep again. Of course, it needs to be really together."
"Do you want my hands and tongue to make you happy?" Before Zhang Chengyuan asked, he also asked for this in Lim Yoon A, and she did it once or twice.
Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment and then asked, "Do you think this will speed up my impression of you?"
"Well, how much can I speed up after doing this intimate thing?"
Zhang Chengyuan nodded. "Well, I’ll depend on you. Anyway, if I didn’t really do that with you, I wouldn’t have any psychological obstacles."
Lim Yoon A said, "ppa, sometimes I think it’s strange that you can really enjoy yourself with me, but you can touch and kiss me all over. But there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "At first glance, there seems to be no difference, but strictly speaking, there is a big difference. In my opinion, it is so. Well, let’s get started." Then he hugged her and kissed her …
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-six Watch Jin Yaner kiss&ry (1)
On May 1st, Zhang Chengyuan and his wife sung yuri appeared at the recording site of sbs TV variety show "kiss&ry in Jin Yaner"-sbs Rishan Center in Gaoyang City, Gyeonggi Province, ready to watch Xiao Crystal and Li Zhien skating in this program. This is what he promised them before, so naturally he can’t break his promise. Fortunately, the crew and director Li Yunzhen can continue to direct filming and have already filmed enough scenes before, so it won’t affect the filming process and release of the video drama.
When he arrived at the recording site, there was still some time before the recording of the program, Zhang Chengyuan sung yuri went to the backstage lounge first. The crew of the program starred in this program, and the artists greeted him. After all, he had told the program group in advance that they would come here as an audience and asked the program group to reserve a place in advance, so it would be rude if he didn’t go to see them, and he wanted to ask them to take care of his two sisters, Xiao Jing and Li Zhien, and it was even more impossible not to play well with them.
Zhang Chengyuan met many familiar people, such as Jin Yaner, the judge and host of this program, Shen Dongye, another famous host of this program, Joon-geum Park, a middle-aged actress who plays his mother in The Secret Garden, Jung Yunho, the captain of TVXQ! group, Sun Danfei, a sexy singer and so on.
I was deeply impressed by Jin Yaner Jang Sung-won, not only because she was the darling of South Korea, but also because she had met her twice, once in 7 years. He also signed her autograph at the Venus Awards Ceremony because she said she was his fan and took the initiative to ask him for autograph. Once, in 8 years, when many Korean stars in chenglong recorded the disaster relief song "weareheasia", she also participated in the recording and sang well, and once again he talked a few words.
After seeing Zhang Chengyuan this time, Jin Yaner was still very happy and called him "ppa" and congratulated him and sung yuri. At the same time, he still had some regrets that he couldn’t attend their wedding. Seeing that she was so enthusiastic and didn’t care much about Zhang Chengyuan because of her special status, he put on a smiling face and seemed to talk to her enthusiastically. However, sung yuri liked talking with her very much for Jin Yaner.
As for Shen Dongye, Jung Yunho and other people, Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t care much. He is a little more enthusiastic about Joon-geum Park, who once worked with him. After all, he doesn’t have much friendship with them and they don’t have special status and achievements. Of course, he is still very polite on the surface. Given his current status, Shen Dongye and others naturally dare not be rude to him, but they are as enthusiastic as others, but it’s hard to say what they think in their hearts.
It is worth noting that Jung Yunho specially expressed his gratitude to Zhang Chengyuan for signing jyj and resolving the contradiction of their S company when Zhang Chengyuan saw the ceremony-although the TVXQ! group has split and once the good brothers have parted ways, Jung Yunho obviously still has feelings for jyj, so Zhang Chengyuan will be grateful for improving jyj’s situation, because if Zhang Chengyuan didn’t make a move, jyj will still be strongly suppressed by S company now, instead of coming up with a record and acting as it is now, and no one will interfere with the program.
But how can Zhang Chengyuan care about this? He stepped in to resolve the contradiction of jyjs company because jyj is a famous artist of his company. If he doesn’t do this, he will watch jyj being suppressed but be indifferent, won’t people in the industry look down on him? He’s afraid of Li Xiuman? And it will also affect his wallet. jyj’s ability to absorb gold can be quite strong. Therefore, it is very indifferent to Jung Yunho’s gratitude, but he has a lot of affection for Jung Yunho, a man who is fraternal and grateful
After a bunch of people saw the ceremony, Zhang Chengyuan, sung yuri and Xiao Jing and Li Zhien sat aside to chat. After all, they came here to visit them and not to make friends with others.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "How are you two getting ready, Ji En and Crystal?"
Li Zhien said, "The crystal is well prepared, but I can’t do it. There is still no progress, but I will continue to work hard."
Small Crystal said, "I’m not well prepared either, just a little better than Ji En, brother. Don’t be disappointed if I don’t behave well today."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "If Ji En doesn’t perform well, I won’t be disappointed, because her athletic talent is poor. Although she has been practicing my body-building boxing and skating skills recently, it’s normal that she hasn’t made any progress in a short time, but your physical quality is definitely the first among girls and your learning ability is outstanding. If you don’t perform well, it can prove that you don’t practice hard enough at ordinary times. So do you think I should be disappointed?"
On hearing this, sung yuri immediately defended Xiao Crystal, saying, "Don’t expect too much from Crystal. It’s just a variety show. It’s no big deal for everyone to be happy and behave worse. Zhi En said that it’s important to participate. Besides, I heard sisters such as Ji Xiu and Xiu Yan say that Crystal has been practicing skating very hard recently, and almost all her leisure time has been spent on this side, but there is no laziness."
Li Zhien chimed in, "Brother Chengyuan Crystal really works hard."
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and looked at the small crystal. "You are such a girl that everyone loves you."
Small crystal smiled and said, "That’s because I’m beautiful and cute."
Zhang Chengyuan patted her head and pretended not to say, "It’s because you are the youngest that people spoil you. Do you really think you are the most beautiful and lovely?" In fact, in his heart, Xiao Jing is definitely the most beautiful and lovely one among his sisters. Of course, others may not see it this way.
Small crystal argued, "where can I say that I am the most beautiful and lovely?" Brother, don’t wronged me. I said I was pretty and lovely, but isn’t that true? If it’s not true, brother, how can you love me the most? "
Zhang Chengyuan touched her head again and said, "You are really cute and beautiful at ordinary times, but today you are dressed beautifully but obviously not very cute."
Today, Xiao Jing is wearing a black-and-red dress with a strapless skirt, a pair of light black sole socks and a big red rose, and her face makeup is a little more mature and gorgeous than usual. Many of them are so natural that they are not cute enough and are not what Zhang Chengyuan likes to dress up. He prefers her pure style. Of course, he also knows that it is normal to dress up mature and exaggerated when performing on stage, so he did not blame her.
Sung yuri said, "I think Crystal is dressed very well today. Waiting for a game will definitely attract people’s attention. Besides, Crystal has really grown up and is a woman after such a dress."
Small crystal surprise way "Yuri elder sister do you really think I am a woman? Brother, what do you think? " I thought if Zhang Chengyuan also treated her like a woman, then she might be able to become his woman earlier.
Zhang Chengyuan said lightly, "It looks a little mature, but it’s not really a woman. Little girl, you are still two or three years away from adulthood, and you are still a little girl in my heart." I don’t know that he really doesn’t want Xiao Jing to grow up too fast. Maybe he is afraid that when she grows up, he can’t hug her and kiss her at will as in the past.
Small crystal was greatly disappointed and said, "I don’t want to be a little girl. Brother, can’t you correct your strange problem?" Zhang Chengyuan has always regarded Lim Yoon A and other sisters as eccentric psychological disorders of young women. She has also heard from her sisters and is very worried that she will encounter this situation in the future. She was 7 years younger than Lim Yoon A when she met Zhang Chengyuan.