Later, the scenes that Scar saw were actually movies that Lin Feng showed him, but the protagonist was Lin Feng’s supporting role, but it was virtual. Those two terrorists who acted as supporting templates are still lying in the power cabin.


It’s really simple for Lin Feng, a powerful little wisdom brain, to make up a short movie with a fixed background and characters. In the movie, the terrorist who wanted to "mutually assured destruction" pressed the detonator in his hand, and at the same time, Lin Feng detonated the high-explosive bomb thrown in the empty warehouse. For the huge Elegance, a high-explosive bomb that is not placed on the power system or the main structure will not cause much damage.
After the explosion, Lin Feng immediately cut off part of the power supply on the "Elegance" and then spread the false news that "Elegance" was about to explode. So under the threat of death, the terrorists didn’t have time to confirm all this, as Lin Feng had expected, and they retreated in a hurry.

Chapter ninety-five Confidentiality
A interlocking plan is simple to say, but it can be worked out and implemented smoothly under great pressure, but it is not something that ordinary people can do. In this case, it is too much to use genius to describe windson …
Although Lin Feng always thought himself a genius, he was praised by the old man, but he couldn’t help but face a red and modest way: "I just had an occasional flash of light. I also checked my cousin’s situation on the virtual internet, and several of them have outstanding performance. It is definitely not a dude who eats and drinks. "
"Ha ha, you don’t have to put in a good word for them. Although their recent performance is still so-so, it’s still far from you. Besides, theirs is much higher than others. If there is no such performance, it will be useless. " I can hear from the words that the old man is extremely strict with the younger generation. Vomitted to stick out tongue windson couldn’t help thinking that it would be a bad thing not to go to Chen Jiasheng to live as a child …
After feeling for a while, the old man smiled and said, "I probably guessed why Xiaofeng took the initiative to find me. Do you want me to keep your secret?"
"High … is really high!" Lin Feng wanted to give a thumbs-up and praise, but before the invisible pressure of the old man, he just smiled and said, "Grandpa’s guess is so accurate that I don’t want others to know that I am a true practitioner, which will bring me a lot of trouble."
Actually, the biggest secret of windson is that he is a fix true person and has a huge space ring. These secret windson don’t feel the need to hide from the old man. As the actual controller of the Federation, it is impossible for the old man not to know that there is such a group of people in the Federation.
Sure enough, the old man was a little surprised when he just heard that Lin Feng was a fix true person, but obviously he was no stranger to the word fix true. He readily promised, "Xiao Feng, you are already a miraculous fix true person. Hehe, don’t worry. Everything about the person who fixes the truth is originally highly confidential. Even those that need to be permanently sealed. Even if you don’t ask me for help. Not many people will know your identity in the future. But now that you have found me, I will ask Colonel Angel to give me the report directly and give her a password. In this way, no one will know except the three of us. "
Although this result has long been expected. But windson still didn’t think that the information about the fix true person needs to be permanently sealed. But now that I think about it, the existence of the fix true person is not a big secret, but whether it’s the Huaxia nation or the federal state where the fix true person used to be the most. But they have never admitted that there is such a group of people. After all, if everyone pursues the so-called fairy road, the foundation of the existence of the Federation will be shaken. This is what all those in power don’t want to see.
"Thank you, Grandpa." The old man’s guarantee let windson also relieved a lot.
"Silly child and his grandfather say thank you. It’s still that our Chen family owes you a lot …" The old man shook his head and sighed, perhaps thinking of his long-lost daughter-in-law, and a trace of tears loomed in the corner of his eye.
Windson hurriedly comfort way: "these are all over. Don’t think too much. " Here windson suddenly remembered an missing question. If something is pointed out, he asked, "By the way, Grandpa, how do you think this incident will end? The terrorists have not been caught yet. "
The old man laughed slyly and said, "I’m not the commander of this rescue operation. You should ask Major General Long Haotian this question."
Windson shook his head with a wry smile. Sure enough, it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a house. The old man is exactly the same as Lin Feng in answering key questions.
Although this matter has nothing to do with Lin Feng from now on, it is clear that Lin Feng attacked him by terrorists. Threatening him with the lives of other passengers on the "Elegance" and attempting to commit violence against Chu Yu were extremely angry. Windson was originally a terminating guy when he was thinking about how to make these terrorists repay their crimes. The old man suddenly put a straight face and said seriously, "By the way, Xiaofeng, I want to remind you that as a federal officer, you have an obligation to cooperate with all the actions of Major General Long."
"What do you mean?" Windson asked a scratching his head.
"I mean, if you have any information about terrorists and items should be given to the dragon major general! Let him handle it! " The old man’s expression is very serious, but there is a hint of banter in his eyes.
"Intelligence? Items? " Lin Feng touched his head and suddenly realized, "You mean the little thing I just said?"
Previously, on the "Elegance", Lin Feng had a brainwave and added some to a high-explosive bomb carried by a terrorist. According to the feedback signal from this little thing, this high-explosive terrorist was taken to the escape ship. So as long as windson presses a button, the escape ship will turn into beautiful fireworks in the universe. A high-explosive bomb is enough for a small escape ship.
"What little things I have already said, no matter what you have or information, you must first give it to Major General Long. You can tell Major General Long later that everything in the future is up to him. You don’t need to ask for instructions. " The old man blinked and softened his tone and said, "Okay, Xiaofeng, do you have anything else?" You know, Grandpa, I am very busy. "
"But I heard Colonel Angel say that Long Haotian is not the vice chairman of Charlie?" Windson asked.
"Xiao feng, you should remember that the federal officer, the federal officer, refers to the officer who serves the whole Federation, not the officer who serves someone. So don’t say these words in the future. All right, I’m going to take care of my business. Xiaofeng should do well in the army and don’t let grandpa down. Remember to come and see grandpa when you are free … "Say that finish before windson responded, the old man cut off communication.
"Slice …" Windson disdain the pie mouth is a normal person will not believe what the old man just said.
Windson believe that the old man’s instructions must have some special purpose, but he can’t think of it for a while.
Long Haotian, who walked out of the communication cabin and waited outside the hatch, immediately leaned up and asked, "Does Chairman Chen, Chief Warrant Officer Lin Feng, have any instructions?"
Lin Feng smiled and said with a false imperial edict: "My grandfather said that what happened on the’ Elegance’ needs to be kept secret and I can’t tell you. However, everything in the future is up to you, and you don’t need to ask for it separately. "
"Oh …" Long Haotian scratched his head and frowned. It seems that the next thing is a little tricky.
"By the way, Mr. Major General, I have a top secret information about terrorists that I want to report to you … you see …" Windson said mysteriously.
Long Haotian’s eyes lit up and he said knowingly, "Then let’s go and find an empty lounge to discuss it in detail."
In an officer’s lounge, Long Haotian looked at the detonator in front of him and asked, "You mean that as long as I press the button on this detonator, the escape ship that the terrorists boarded will immediately turn to ashes?"
"That’s right!" Windson replied for sure.
"Does Chairman Chen know about this?"
"Grandpa is not to say that everything is up to you to decide in the future. You don’t have to worry about whether the old man knows or not. " Windson cunning replied. At this moment, windson seems to vaguely understand what political struggle is really dangerous …
"I see …" Long Haotian helplessly replied and bowed his head and meditated. His expression suddenly became fierce and sad.
Just when Lin Feng and others were impatient, Long Haotian suddenly raised his head and said in a strange tone, "Do you know, Chief Officer Lin Feng, I read your file again just when you talked to Chairman Chen?"
"What do you mean?" Windson frowned and asked some disgruntled.
"Don’t get me wrong." Long Haotian shook his head and explained, "I think your childhood experience is very similar to mine. When you were 7 years old, your parents were kidnapped by anti-government organizations and disappeared, and then you grew up under the care of a housekeeper … "
"What are you trying to say?" Windson asked loudly. Lin Feng hates people mentioning his parents’ disappearance, which is the biggest scar in his heart.
Long Haotian ignored Lin Feng’s question and continued to mutter, "And when I was 7 years old, my parents were killed by an air crash. Fortunately for you, I have a sister who is three years older than me … "
Windson calmed down and quietly listened to Long Haotian’s story.
"I was born in an ordinary family and didn’t have any money. When my parents died, my sister and I were underage. So one of our relatives acts as a guardian. But it wasn’t until later that we knew that this guy was so enthusiastic to act as our guardian, but he actually took a fancy to my parents’ insurance compensation … "
Windson faint nodded. There are good and evil, bad and good people in this world. Long Hao Tianhe and his sister didn’t meet a good man as loyal as Uncle Zhong, the old housekeeper of the Lins. At this point, windson is undoubtedly much luckier.