Perhaps because everyone didn’t pay too much attention to it, or because it was too cold outside, the ground was almost frozen, and the students at the entrance of the canteen ran into the canteen one after another, as did Xiao Lingyu and Gu Xiaomin.


When I arrived in the canteen, I still felt very cold. After all, it was noon in summer, and everyone wore very little.
There is a big screen TV hanging on the wall in the canteen. At this time, the news is being broadcast, which reminds everyone not to go out and wear more clothes. It is also said that every part of the whole earth is dark and the temperature is gradually decreasing.
Gu Xiaomin snuggled up in Xiao Lingyu’s arms, shivering all over.
"It’s too cold outside. Shall I send you back to your dormitory to add some clothes?" Xiao Lingyu swallowed hot air.
"hmm!" Gu Xiaomin clever nodded.
Xiao Lingyu, who was cold and illuminated by the light of his mobile phone, sent Gu Xiaomin back to the dormitory and told her not to run around again. Then he himself went back to the dormitory and wrapped himself in a quilt.
Xiao Lingyu was going to sleep, but he was still a little curious and uneasy, so he took out his mobile phone and prepared to call his parents. Unfortunately, the mobile phone showed no signal and the phone could not be dialed at all.
"What is this situation, is it really the end of the world? Didn’t the end of the world pass last year? "
Xiao Lingyu pondered a little gloomily, and sat up from the bed at the same time, looking at the sky outside the window. At this time, his three roommates also came back, but everyone had no words. They all wrapped themselves in quilts and stared at the darkness outside.
To tell the truth, under such circumstances, everyone was a little scared, and the lights in the dormitory had already been turned on. In order to relieve the inexplicable tension in his heart, a roommate turned on the TV.
Fortunately, the picture of cable TV is still very clear, but all stations are broadcasting the abnormal situation of this weather. As everyone can guess from the dead expression of the host, it seems that something really big is going to happen this time.
Just less than a minute after turning on the TV, in the dark sky, a dazzling light suddenly appeared again. Although this light didn’t bring warmth to everyone, it seemed to be getting closer to the ground, but it seemed to be too far away to really get close.
It has been nearly twenty minutes since that fire became clear in everyone’s eyes, but what everyone can’t imagine is that the fire looks like a huge fire phoenix from the outside.
The whole body was ablaze with fire, and two wings that seemed to cover the sun and a few tail feathers that dragged very long and elegant were all overflowing with golden light. It flew from nine days, looking so noble and elegant that people dared not give birth to a half-blasphemy.
Behind it, however, there is a black awning chasing it closely, just like a big black net to trap birds.
"Watch TV!" A roommate shouted.
Xiao Lingyu turned around and looked at the TV. The clear picture in the TV made him dumbfounded.
"It’s a fire phoenix! What’s behind it? " A roommate asked incredulously.
"It seems to be a big, big black cloth! Behind the black cloth, it seems to be the sun! " Another roommate said in shock.
Xiao Lingyu looked out of the window again. Sure enough, behind the fire phoenix, there was a circle of bright white light around the darkness like black cloth.
At the same time, everyone feels that the temperature is rising sharply.
"Audience friends, please note that the position of the sun is approaching the earth! The temperature of the earth is rising! " The host’s anxious and flustered voice came from the TV.
"How did that happen? !” Xiao Lingyu said stupefied.
The fire phoenix did not continue to approach the earth, but suddenly stopped, turned his head and flew past the shady scene.
And that piece of darkness is slowly shrinking, and finally shows a black dragon that I don’t know how long and big it is.
Yes, in the TV screen, there is a long dragon covered in darkness and covered with black fog, facing the fire phoenix far away, and less than a moment later, they are fighting.
Thick flames spewed from the mouth of the fire phoenix, but were doused by thick black air billow.
The battle between the fire phoenix and the black dragon started in the void between the earth and the moon, which actually had an impact on the earth.
"Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur frequently all over the world …"
"The strongest tsunami ever …"
"The polar glaciers have completely melted, but the seawater is constantly evaporating …"
"Rivers around the world are cut off and riverbeds collapse, and the Yangtze River and Yellow River in China are among them …"
The almost crazy broadcast voice of the host kept coming from TV, and everyone realized that the end of the world had really come.
Chapter 2 Nine Turn Chaos Tactics
? The powerful creature that exists in the legend has appeared in everyone’s eyes so vividly, and people all over the world are shocked beyond measure.
Fire phoenix bathes in fire, and when its beautiful and gorgeous wings flap, there is a golden flame like a nebula roaring out, just like a rushing river of fire …
The black dragon, whose length can only be calculated by thousands of feet, is made of black steel, giving people a feeling of being full of explosive power. If it can destroy mountains and crack the ground, it is estimated that no one will doubt it. But it has a pair of blood-red longan, which makes it look a bit evil.
What makes people feel strange is that the fire phoenix originally flew to the earth, but suddenly stopped when it was not far away from the earth, and turned around again, as if only to disturb the earth, not to spread the scourge to the earth.
Even though their battlefields are far away from the earth, the earth is still greatly affected, and this influence is not fatal. The most important thing is that the sun, which has always kept a constant distance from the earth, is gradually approaching the earth. With the high temperature of the sun, it is not too close to the earth, even if everything on the earth will be burned to nothingness.
Although the TV host was horrified, he kept persuading people to remain calm, saying that governments in various countries were actively responding, but in the face of such a disaster, science and technology could not solve it.
The battle in the starry sky is still going on, and the temperature on the earth is rising, and large-scale and uncontrollable fires are raging all over the world.
Anyone can see that destruction is inevitable, so some people who recovered from shock and despair began to come together and pray for miracles and the emergence of a savior, and more people gathered with their relatives.
An hour later, even the host had to tell everyone sadly that as the sun is getting closer and closer to the earth, in half an hour at most, all living things on the earth will be burned clean.
However, most people don’t want to believe the cruel reality like this dream, and they are still in a daze, praying …
Suddenly, two earth-shattering Long Yin sounds sounded on the land of China, and the sound actually spread to every corner of the whole land of China.
Television screen switching, but there are two only skeleton black dragon, growling, bared his teeth and rushed into the sky.
While flying into the sky, two black dragon’s bodies gradually solidified, which turned out to be like a rebirth, growing flesh and blood, and it was very full and powerful.
"These two dragons flew out from the fractured riverbeds of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, which have almost completely dried up. At the position of those two riverbeds, there is also a dragon-shaped rift that spreads tens of thousands of meters!"
The picture on TV turned to the two riverbeds, and the voice of the host was surprised.
Two black dragon, all dark blue, rushed to the sky to fight against the black dragon with the fire phoenix. The momentum of the battle became more powerful and fierce, and the impact on the earth became stronger and stronger.
All the time, everyone can feel that the whole world is shaking, rivers are cut off, the sea is full of waves, volcanoes erupt, the ground cracks, houses collapse, hurricanes rage …
The camera on TV finally stopped, but the picture was locked in a more incredible and strange scene. On the top of the black dragon’s head, a figure dressed in a black robe stood.
The black robe really looks like a human being. He holds a black iron clock with mysterious lines in one hand and drags a long and wide black curtain in the other.
At this time, the temperature of the earth has reached an outrageous level, and the waves of fire burn directly in the air, and the whole world will soon turn into a sea of fire.
Xiao Lingyu rushed out of the dormitory directly, and downstairs in the dormitory, he saw his girlfriend Gu Xiaomin rushing towards himself. He remembered that Gu Xiaomin had said that if the end of the world really came, what she wanted to do most before she died was to hold her arm and disappear with herself.
"This Nizi’s mouth is really poisonous, and it can be fooled by her!" Xiao Lingyu thought in his mind for no reason.