Chapter 57 Isn’t this cheat people?
The Monkey King jumped up and said angrily, "That Tathagata is really not a good thing. If I want my grandson to protect the man who learned the scriptures, I will be trapped for another hundred years. When I made a bet with him, I decided to go out after 500 years, but now I have to calculate me for another hundred years. My grandson is really unbearable."
Zhang Wendao: "You can’t bear it or you have to bear it. Otherwise, you will not break your promise if you come out early. When the time comes, you will be caught by him, but you can’t say for sure. Alas. Five hundred years is waiting, and six hundred years is waiting, just a hundred years more. "
The Monkey King said angrily, "Now my old grandson has only been in this circle for a few months, less than a year. Five hundred years have already made my old grandson want to go crazy. Isn’t that a hundred more years to kill my old grandson?"
Zhang Wendao: "Do you want to come out now?"
The Monkey King tried to walk away from the circle, but his right foot couldn’t fall in the air all the time. For a moment, the Monkey King took back his foot and stayed in the circle, sighing, "I’m a great sage in heaven, no matter how I say it, how can I go back on my word? I’ll stay here for 500 years and wait for the right person to come. It’s just that these five hundred years are too torturous. "
Zhang Wendao: "I have a way to help you spend these 500 years easily."
The Monkey King said urgently, "What’s the way to get there?"
Zhang Wendao: "Although this circle is a foot of Fiona Fang, you can’t go out, but you can go up and down casually. This circle is not for you to do. "
The Monkey King was pleasantly surprised when he heard this: "It’s so good, why didn’t I think of it?". Heaven and earth are infinite, although this circle can limit my old grandson’s rampage, it can’t trap me into heaven and earth. Thank you for your advice. I’m going to have a good time. Haha. "
After that, the monkey climbed up the clouds and went straight to heaven. Seeing that the monkey was like this, Zhang Wen shook his head and walked away. He just shouted along the way, "Ten is not allowed, fortune telling, fortune telling."
He Ming left the proud border after fishing in troubled waters, went to the Datang border, lived in the western border, and prepared for the future. By the way, he wanted to see how the monkey was. Today, he was resting in the mansion, and he didn’t want to hear a fortune teller shouting outside the mansion. When his heart moved, he went out of the mansion, only to see a man holding a white sail saying, "Ten is nine."
He Ming said with a smile, "Hey, fortune teller, how dare you tell a fortune when your signboard says’ Ten is not allowed’?"
Zhang Wendao: "Ten is not allowed to calculate nine, only one calculation is allowed. Counting and not counting is only in personal preference. "
He Ming Dow: "In that case, you can make a divination for me. I’ll see if you can be accurate. "
Zhang Wendao: "I don’t know your name, what is it?"
"My name is nobody, so you can figure out for me whether I can get the word in the future?"
"I wonder what’ Tao’ you want?"
"The monks in the world have been penalizing all their lives only for the elusive avenue, and I have also been rushing about for this avenue, just to prove it. Just do the math for me and see if I have a chance to prove that I am mixed up in the future. "
Zhang Wen pinched his finger and counted it. He frowned for a moment and said, "This divination is difficult to calculate, and you have to pay ten gold for it."
He Ming smiled and took out ten pieces of gold and gave it to Zhang Wen. "I knew you would be like this, so I will give you ten pieces of gold. You must calculate it for me."
After Zhang Wen received ten gold coins, he took out nine copper coins and put them into a palm-sized tortoise shell to shake. He poured out the nine copper coins for a moment. After reading them for a long time, he said, "The edge of the road is ethereal, and the foundation of the road is left and right, and the blessing of misfortune depends on it. Chance only depends on grasping it. I’ve finished calculating the divination for you, so I’ll leave now. "
He Ming listened to the gangsters and didn’t understand what Zhang Wen said at all. He quickly stopped Zhang Wendao: "You just said for a long time and didn’t make it clear what my chances of testifying are. I’m not sure whether you are accurate. If you leave, I will lose a lot."
Zhang Wendao said, "It’s a hundred dollars to solve the hexagrams. Give money first and then solve the hexagrams."
He Ming sneered: "You make money really fast. You just calculated ten gold for divination, but now you get a hundred gold for divination. This is obviously deceiving me. If you don’t make it clear to me, you must pay me back the ten gold you calculated today, or we will see the official and make it clear. "
Zhang Wendao said, "You asked me for divination, because you did it. It was clearly written on my white sail that ten is not allowed to calculate nine. Since you asked me for divination, you gave me the divination money voluntarily, but now you can’t blame me."
He Ming looked at the words "Ten is not allowed to calculate nine" on the white sail again and said, "Ten is not allowed to calculate nine, and once it is accurate, your signboard is reasonable on both sides. This time, I admit it." Then he took out a hundred dollars and gave it to Zhang Wendao: "I gave you the money to interpret the divination. Now you interpret the divination for me."
Zhang Wen took the hundred gold coins and said, "There is no place to follow when the Taoist scriptures are mixed. You will have your chance to get the Taoist scriptures in the future. It’s just that the chances of this testimony are too vague, but you have to grasp it yourself. "
He Ming Dow: "How to grasp the foundation of this proof?"
"There is no trace of the world avenue, and only the foundation of the Tao can get the Tao. If you can get that HarmonyOS purple gas, you have the chance to prove it. "
"Where can I find that HarmonyOS purple gas?"
Zhang Wendao: "This is another divination. I can only calculate one divination correctly. Most of the next ones are not allowed. Do you want to calculate?"
He Ming Dow: "Since you can calculate the first divination correctly, I will naturally calculate the second divination."
Zhang Wendao: "A thousand dollars is a divination, as usual."
He Ming had no choice but to give his daughter. There are so many daughters, Mr. Zhang took the gold ingots and put them in the hanging bag one by one, and the small hanging bag filled all the daughters. "Before the birth of HarmonyOS Ziqi, only Hongjun’s Zixiao Palace and Penglai had it in the three realms of heaven and earth. If you want it, go and find it."
He Ming listened and said, "What is this? No one knows these two places within the Three Realms. How can I find them?"
Zhang Wen was about to speak when He Ming sneered, "This is the third hanging. How much is it? It won’t be Wanjin, will it? "
Mr. Zhang nodded and said, "That’s right. This divination needs ten thousand gold, but I can’t grasp whether it can be calculated. "
He Ming casually took out the Wanjin, and Zhang Wen still collected it with the hanging bag. He said, "Hongjun’s Zixiao Palace is 33 days away, which is hard for saints to reach. Penglai Island is located on the East China Sea, and it is beyond the reach of people other than Penglai. There are countless large arrays on that island, and saints will be sealed here when they enter it."
"The fourth hexagram, how can I get to these two places?" Say and touch out a night pearl. "This night pearl is a treasure of the East China Sea Dragon, let alone hundreds of gold, even millions of gold can be easily sold. This counts as two hexagrams. "
Zhang Wen took the night pearl, put it in the hanging bag and said, "Only Hongjun’s disciples or people summoned by Hongjun can enter the Zixiao Palace. The same is true in Penglai Island. You only need to let the owners of these two places summon you or worship them as teachers. "