"His mother is in the old week. Let’s go!" Feng Ji roar a.


Several shots broke the tranquility of the island.
Chapter DiEr726 Question mark in Mr Will’s mind
Why did Feng Ji know that Zhou Xingli might move him but chose to meet him at the headquarters?
That’s because Feng Ji is confident. He brought soldiers back! Even if there are some contradictions between the two sides, he has countermeasures.
But the adjutant got the news temporarily, but it made him sweat instantly. Xia Dao and Zhou Xingli’s hidden forces were unknown to Feng Ji. He couldn’t figure out where the so-called hidden forces came from!
"da da da!"
The gunshot in the courtyard directly interrupted Feng Ji’s thoughts. He turned to look at the messy headquarters compound outside and immediately urged, "Go to the regiment!"
a storied building
Zhou Xingli looked at Feng Ji team with his back hand and said coldly, "Three surnames are slaves! The old man’s most wrong decision was that he should have let Meng Xi Songjiang kill them when he accepted them and left himself a future trouble! "
a storied building
Yan Hu’s officer shouted at the neck, "Quickly clean up the Feng rebels and pull the gate of the isolation area to ignore the inquiries from the European area."
"Whoosh …!"
The words sound just fell and a few RPGs directly smashed the center of Feng Ji’s motorcade and exploded.
The formation of the motorcade was messy, but most of the cross-country roads were bulletproof. Feng Ji rushed out of the encirclement of the hospital and rushed to a group direction directly.
Island bunker passage
About 1,000 men of Zhou 226 Army rushed out of the hidden snow area with weapons and red silk arms and went straight to the area where Feng troops were stationed.
Where are these people from?
Before Yemen War, Li Bokang twice persuaded Zhou Xingli to let him not move Feng at present, but to wait until everything was stable after the war. This was his general direction and set a good route for Zhou Xingli.
Li Bokang also ordered the commander of the 226th Army confidant to keep a thousand people in secret and asked the chief of staff of the Frontier Corps to report to Westbrook for editing.
That is to say, Zhou was transferred to Yemen, and there were thousands fewer troops, and Li Bokang did it for one purpose. He wanted to set up a killing bureau, one that could lure the three major districts to kill the bureau.
When Westbrook attacked Yemen, he had advantages as well as balance of power and disadvantages. He was able to end the war as soon as possible and almost drew all the troops from Xiadao. Li Bokang, an old rival of Chuanfu, felt that this might be an opportunity to nip in the bud and fight back at the crucial moment.
But now, Feng Jishen has not waited for the big fish to be caught.
If Li Bokang hadn’t stayed in this army, Zhou Xingli wouldn’t have decided to clean up Feng Ji’s cause and effect. It seems that Li Bokang’s two attempts to dissuade Lao Zhou failed to change his mind.
After thousands of people rushed out of the bunker along the island, they were divided into two roads, one road, four thousand people to control the battlefield hospital, and four thousand people directly marched in the direction of the headquarters to get rid of Feng Ji.
Command periphery
Feng’s regiment rushed to the door of the headquarters as soon as it heard the gun, and the troops around it fought.
Off-road vehicle Feng Ji very awkwardly shouted and asked, "Did you verify it? Did our reconnaissance unit verify how many people there are in the other party? "
Staff with communication words gritted his teeth and said "dense … can’t see the number of thousands less"
Feng Ji heard this and immediately shouted, "Send a letter to the field hospital and order Li Cheng to organize the rescue of the slightly injured soldiers!"
"I have been linked …"
After the two men finished talking, the front of the off-road vehicle was directly shot, and the bulletproof windshield was shattered. Feng Ji had to avoid the car.
"Hold on!" Although Feng Ji looked very embarrassed, after all, he also commanded the troops well with the psychological quality of the places where he led the troops for many years and fought several times. "Once we moved closer to the battlefield hospital, once we joined forces, the other side would take us out …"
Li Bokang has received the words "You say it!"
"Have begun to play Feng Ji outside the headquarters" 226 army commanders reported quickly.
Li Bokang bit his teeth and immediately replied, "Now that you have already started, don’t think about him. Solve the problem as quickly as possible and try to control Feng Ji for half an hour. Remember, you must persuade the commander-in-chief not to kill him. Without Feng Ji, it is difficult to control his troops."
"white!" 226 army commanders immediately replied.
After they hung up, Li Bokang took the initiative to dial Westbrook’s words after his brain worked rapidly.
"Hello Li!"
"Commander-in-Chief, I just received the news." Li Bokang said in a very blunt tone. "After Feng Ji returned to Xiadao, he ordered the deputy commander-in-chief of the disabled forces to ask Yan Hu to give up the position of the first army commander. The conflict between the two sides has already been shot."
Westbrook heard this, and he was completely stunned. The news of the war in China, which is divided into the European area and the Chinese area, has not yet reached him.
"The gun? ! !” Westbrook said incredulously, "Our troops are at war with the enemy. Is the rear gun fired? Oh, my God. What are they doing? !”
"Westbrook will give you Feng Jili too much to keep a tiger. Do you know? !” Li Bokang roared fiercely, "If Feng Ji is going to this matter for our Commander-in-Chief Zhou … Zhou is absolutely unable to resist taking Feng Ji away, and ten thousand people in Zhou refused to fight again!"
Say that finish Li Bokang directly hangs up.
Westbrook a face of meng force swearing way "Feng Ji this fool what to do? !”
What makes Westbrook believe what Li Bokang said? That’s because he knew that Feng Ji had brought thousands of people back and Zhou Xingli had no armed forces.
"Didi Lingling!"