Chapter 153 The Sun, Moon and Star Curtain


? Chapter 153 The Sun, Moon and Star Curtain
"Ha ha, if water friends don’t say so, I wouldn’t have this idea. However, the names of these two kinds of stones are really weird. The blue moon should be a water attribute, but it is placed in the name of the fire system material, and the red sun should be a fire attribute and it also appears strangely in the name of the water system material. " Xiao Lingyu first smiled with a wave, and then …
Chapter 154 Inheritance to treasure
? Chapter 154 Inheritance to treasure
Next, Shuiqingrou took out a blue round bead, threw it into the air, and threw a blue light into the round bead. The round bead immediately burst open and turned into a blue streamer all over the sky. At the same time, there was a share of circular fluctuations spreading in all directions.
Xiao Lingyu knows that this is the signal from Shuiqingrou.
Sure enough …
Chapter 155 A blip
? Chapter 155 A blip
"Friends can rest assured that the two demon predecessors have already fallen for many years, and they can’t wake up, and there is no remnant soul left. As long as we can stop their overflowing breath at this time and get close to the past, we can take away the treasures. " Shuiqing soft shook his head and explained.
"The two god beast was obviously not fix true boundary …
Chapter 156 No forgiveness
? Chapter 156 No forgiveness
A deafening dragon song, accompanied by an unparalleled momentum fluctuation, surged out at the same time.
Long Yin shocked Xiao Lingyu’s three people’s tinnitus, and their souls showed signs of splitting at this time. However, the fluctuation of that son’s momentum was a direct and violent sweep of the chaotic essence released by Xiao Lingyu, although it was removed by the chaotic essence …
Chapter 157 Excalibur, a headache
? Chapter 157 Excalibur, a headache
After encouraging the whole body to bless their own fairy armor with the power of the water system, and taking a deep breath, the water was clear and soft, and suddenly a blue jade charm flew out of her mouth, hitting the wings of the fire phoenix hard, and then suddenly burst open.
Xiao Lingyu was a little nervous in her heart, and now she took the water clear and soft and flew into the distance. ……
Chapter 158 The hateful elders
? Chapter 158 The hateful elders
Xiao Lingyu couldn’t help but frown at this, because he is not a master of kendo, and he seems to have no understanding and interest in kendo.
"However, even if it is impossible to refine, having this Excalibur in hand is even worse than using a fairy device. This unforgivable Excalibur even reveals some of its own ontological power slightly, and …
Chapter 159 It’s time to pay the price
? Chapter 159 It’s time to pay the price
At this point, the door just completely collapsed, and the space was extremely distorted, and then a space storm was formed in an instant, which suddenly trapped Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t make a defense before, but his silver wings have a very strong ability to absorb the force of space. This space storm didn’t …
Chapter 160 The lion opens his mouth
? Chapter 160 The lion opens his mouth
With a wave of his robe and sleeve, the elder created a blue water mass to block the hot fire swept out by Xiao Lingyu, and then his arms suddenly stretched out to both sides in front of him, and all the countless flying water arrows stopped three feet away from his body.
The elder’s arms rolled up, and countless water arrows all collapsed on the spot.
Chapter 161 Worth making friends with
? "Although I don’t know how you dispose of the blue moon fire pole stone, but you can promise me the three conditions, you can see that the benefits you get must be great. However, as you said, the blue moon fire pole stone has no effect in our hands. As for the search for the treasure, it is too illusory. It is not necessarily a good thing to get some compensation from you. To tell the truth, the fairy wares and the fairy stones are not really my concern. The 400 pieces of exquisite blue pulp are what I want most, which is the best material for shaping the scattered fairy body, and the self-recovery ability of the scattered fairy body shaped by exquisite blue pulp is also the best. I couldn’t buy it from you at a high price before, but this time I got a few hundred pieces for nothing, which is really comfortable. " When Yan Dong said this, he also looked at several masters of the Skyfire Hall around him with a smile, looking at his smug appearance, as if he had just made a very profitable business.
Chapter 161 Worth fraternizing with R
Second, this nine-robbery strong man is obviously in the same camp as Shuiqing. Even if he wants to start work, he will not get any benefits.
Third, if you really take this opportunity to make a big opening and put forward some conditions,
After thinking about it for a while, Yan Yi said, "Well, since Taoist friends came forward to protect them, will Yan Yi lose face to Taoist friends? There are three conditions, one is 100,000 pieces of fairy stone, the other is a fairy, and the third is 500 pieces of blue marrow. " r
Xiao Lingyu frowned at this request, and the water was soft and cold. After that, he directly said, "Yan Yao, are you going too far?" A hundred thousand fairy stones will almost ruin our watery temple. As for the fairy wares, there are only three at the very most in our watery temple. As for the exquisite blue marrow, where can I get you 500 copies? " r
"The essence of blue pulp can be less, but it should be at least 400 copies, and the fairy stone can be given 80 thousand pieces. The fairy instrument does not require too high quality for inferior products." r
There is something wrong with Yan Yao’s expression when he looks at Xiao Lingyu.
"This condition is not too much, it is estimated that water friends will not have opinions. I don’t have any extra fairy stones and vessels here, and I don’t have any exquisite blue marrow, but I can provide two fairy products to my friends, which is my little gift. " Xiao Lingyu took out two jade boxes as she spoke.
Shui Qingrou originally wanted to bargain again. After listening to Xiao Lingyu’s words, she didn’t pester her any more, but she didn’t pick up the jade box sent by Xiao Lingyu. Now she said, "I stole the blue moon fire pole stone, which has nothing to do with Xiao Daoyou. Taoist friends have already helped us a lot here. Qing Ruan can’t let Taoist friends contribute any more. Taoist friends should take these two fairy products back." r
Then, before Xiao Lingyu could make any more noise, Shuiqingrou said to Yandong: "Yandong, you must promise not to attack the watery mainland in two thousand years, so that I can safely fulfill the three conditions you just said." r
Yan cave is already a strong man in eight robberies, and he can only stay for another two thousand years at most in the field of repairing truth. If he can’t survive nine robberies,
The meaning of clear and soft water is obvious, that is, she thinks that Yan Dong will deal with the watery mainland after Xiao Lingyu rises, but she doesn’t know that Xiao Lingyu is not a nine-bullet scattered fairy who is about to rise. However, Xiao Lingyu actually won’t stay long in the fix true world. After the chaotic Armageddon, he will have to soar in the fix true world before he can stay for one thousand years, and this is still the normal speed. If Du Jie fails,
"I can promise you this. Of course, if I can only guarantee that I am the only one, after all, if I have an accident during this period, I can’t interfere with other people in the Skyfire Hall." Yan cave can also guess the meaning of clear and soft water,
"It’s enough to guarantee yourself. Besides you, other monks in the Skyfire Hall can’t threaten the Shuiling Hall."
"Ha ha, both of them are faithful people. Now that we have settled, there will definitely be no more mistakes or misunderstandings. I have other things to do, so I won’t delay. These two fairy products should be regarded as my heart to the two Taoist friends, and the two Taoist friends should give them a face anyway. " r
Xiao Lingyu heart relaxed a lot at this time, that is, the two jade boxes were forced into the hands of inflammation cave and water. These two materials are from the immortal space in the sea area of Yinxian. Although they are of good quality, they are not used by Xiao Lingyu. At this time, it is also a better choice to use them as human feelings, at least it will make everyone feel that they are generous.