The Mahayana master in the Dragon Valley uses a storage ring, which has a huge storage space, but there are few treasures in it, which is very empty.


Xiao Lingyu won’t complain about the "poverty" of the Mahayana master. When he swept the storage space of the storage ring in consciousness, he was surprised, because he first saw the intact and fresh body of a fire dragon.
Then Xiao Lingyu saw two jade boxes sealed by the ban, knowing that there were treasures in them, he took them out one by one, but the ban on the jade box was arranged by the Mahayana master, which could never be opened with his strength.
Immediately after the seal ban disappeared, there was a fiery red light shining in the jade box. Although the hot high temperature was blocked by the jade box, it still made Xiao Lingyu’s cheeks hot.
A fire dragon ball, only the size of an apple, emerged from the jade box.
When the serpent saw this dragon ball, he instantly recovered from the enjoyment of swallowing real dragon meat. If he can swallow the dragon soul and dragon essence in this dragon ball, it will take a solid step towards the evolution of Jackie Chan.
Of course, this dragon ball can also be used by Xiao Lingyu for soul transformation, but Xiao Lingyu can also use other monster souls. It is not necessary to use this dragon ball. In that case, why not give it to the serpent?
The serpent looked at Xiao Lingyu gratefully, and rubbed his head against Xiao Lingyu’s cheek cleverly, as if he were showing loyalty.
This is nothing. idolize, who was in maximum ride at this time, suddenly stopped.
Xiao Lingyu and the serpent, as well as the defensive shield released by idolize, were all strong, and they were broken like beaten thin ice.
When the mind moved, Xiao Lingyu saw the phoenix feather in his hand.
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Chapter 66 Feeding wild silkworm with blood
? Chapter 66 Feeding wild silkworm with blood
The serpent looked at Xiao Lingyu gratefully, and rubbed his head against Xiao Lingyu’s cheek cleverly, as if he were showing loyalty.
Then, Xiao Lingyu tore the ban on another jade box with a silver moon broken knife, but the ban was just opened, and the chill of one share was poured out, which turned out to be Xiao Lingyu and the serpent in an instant …
Chapter 67 Eighteen Niang
? Chapter 67 Eighteen Niang
Recognizing the Lord must have been completed. Xiao Lingyu just put away the phoenix feathers, but the strange cold overflowing from the icy wild silkworm still made him feel chilly.
His mind moved, and his spiritual knowledge was wrapped in the ice-spirit wild silkworm, and then he was involved in the ice-spirit wild silkworm that had turned into snow-white beads and returned to his abdomen.
Chapter 68 Earth Secret Symptom 1
? Chapter 68 Earth Secret Symptom 1
Ping son has been frowning, she is very sorry to choose to cooperate with Xiao Lingyu at this time, but even the fix true boundary didn’t sell regret medicine. She can only eat Rhizoma Coptidis as a mute, and she can’t help but want to persuade other mainland students to leave. After all, without these people’s help, it is even more impossible to recapture the ice-cold wild silkworm.
But her words haven’t come out …
Chapter 69 Earth Secret Symptom 2
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After listening to the explanation of eighteen Niang, Gao Ping really knew the whole story. At this time, she was also calm, so she bowed her head and stopped arguing.
The cold-faced, unsmiling young woman stood silently behind eighteen Niang.
Pinger replied, and went to the cave to carry out the unconscious earth mortal.
"We questioned this man carefully. He came from a mundane planet called Earth. Before coming, their planet should have been damaged by the fighting methods of monks, and he was moved to Feiyu continent by a monk with great magical power." Rob answered seriously.
The old woman suddenly let out a cry and looked very strange. She immediately swept the crutches in her hands on the earth mortal and eliminated all the spells Ping Er cast on him.
"Your earth, is it a blue planet with the ocean occupying half of the area?" The old woman asked the earth mortals seriously.
"Yes, how do you know? Have you been there?" The earth mortals asked in amazement.
Then Eighteen Niang asked a lot of questions, and then said to the young woman behind her with a long sword, "Please send this guest on earth away and help him find a stable place."
Seeing the puzzled look on Rob and Pinger’s face, Eighteen Niang smiled and said, "This man knows very little, which is useless to us and that boy. The two questions that the boy asked before are already more than half of what he wants to know, and he won’t care about the life and death of this mortal on earth. It’s no use threatening that boy with this mortal. If that boy really cares about this man, it won’t ruin your good thing. "
"Ha ha, your boy and Gao Qingshan’s boy have loved to hear me tell stories since childhood, but I actually learned the story about the earth after three disasters, so I haven’t told it to you before." Eighteen Niang’s attitude suddenly became amiable, and the smile on her face was not fake.
"It’s not too late for you to tell me now." Rob said like a child.
Eighteen Niang said here, it is already a face of envy and admiration. After a little pause, she went on to say: "The strength of the earth people is also reflected in their ability to spread and erode. In ancient times, there were a few forces in the fix-true world. They controlled the fix-true world and influenced it. But after the strong earth entered the fix-true world in a big way, everything in the fix-true world changed, whether it was the achievement method system or the alchemist system. Therefore, even if mortals on the earth come to the realm of cultivation, they can understand and quickly understand some common sense of cultivation, and they can also communicate with us practitioners. "
"Ha ha, in ancient times, from all walks of life, what wonders. More strange things are yet to come … At the beginning, Godsworn Earth felt that it was too chaotic for all Godsworn to gather in one world, which was not conducive to the development and promotion of Godsworn who had just entered the science of uniting, so he put forward the demarcation. As soon as this matter was brought up, it was opposed by most monks. It is said that there was a very wide-ranging battle at that time. In the end, countless gods at that level fell, and the earth monks shocked all the big and small forces at that time with their amazing means, making them promise to divide, so that today’s world pattern is formed. " Eighteen Niang said with a smile.
"Time has passed too long, and now no one can make it clear that the situation at that time, but at the beginning, the earth’s strong, even have reached the celestial world, not to mention the fix true world, even the celestial world is estimated to be difficult to find one. It’s just that the former earth powers moved the earth away with * * force. For countless years, many monks have been looking for traces of the earth, trying to see what the planet that gave birth to countless strong people looks like, but they have never been able to do so. The earth just exists in the realm of repairing truth like a legend, and it has almost been completely forgotten now. " Eighteen Niang continued to tell.
"This I don’t know, it may be because time is too long, the protection measures left by the ancient strong failed, or it may be that they just kept the earth away from the fix true boundary, not hidden too deep. We all know very well that every planet in this world has a life span, and it will come to an end one day. Maybe it is time for the earth to die. Besides, the fact that some earthlings have been directly moved to the mainland of Xiuzhen can also prove that the powerful people in ancient times have left measures to protect the terran on earth, and they do not want their descendants in their birthplace to be extinct. " Eighteen Niang is not sure to explain.
"However, what makes me curious is, who found the earth and dared to destroy it on the earth? There is definitely no transmission matrix leading to the fix true world on the earth. If you want to find the earth, you need to fly over the starry sky, but the danger in the starry sky is even worse than that in the fix true continent. Even the Mahayana master can’t travel in the starry sky for a long time … The monks who are afraid of fighting on the earth, if not the upper bound master, are afraid of scattered immortals or demons and demons. And to be able to move a lot of earth people to fix true mainland out of thin air, also need at least Jin Xian period for just go, it also needs at least seven bullet scattered fairy for … "Eighteen niang seems to think about it, words are a bit off and on.
The old woman nodded and said, "He came from the earth, and was moved to Feiyu continent on the day of the end of the earth. I just don’t know if he had a good training before he came, or if he was just an ordinary person before he came. If it is the latter, his progress speed is terrible. He has achieved today’s achievements in just over ten years, and he must have a very powerful master, or he has obtained the martial arts and magic weapons. "
Pinger understood, went to the depths of the cave again, and then led out the three scattered repairs.
Xiao Lingyu has never been an indecisive person. With this idea, he put away the chaotic baby, the phoenix feather and the ice-cold wild silkworm suspended at the exit of the abode of fairies and immortals, and then strode out of the abode of fairies and immortals, and at the same time released the serpent that had swallowed the dragon meat and the dragon ball.
It is worth mentioning that the serpent that swallowed the meat of the real dragon and the dragon ball has now grown four claws, and a sharp dragon horn has emerged from its forehead. Its bloodline has been improved a lot, and black dragon’s blood has been activated a lot, which is not far away from the dragon.
He didn’t hide his breath, and naturally he will soon attract the attention of some monster beasts who are very sensitive to spiritual sleep. He just left the valley in less than an hour, and a distracted monster beast blocked his way.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t let the serpent out, but hid himself in a flash, and his fingers began to pinch.
Boom !
The monster beast in the distracted period can’t resist the simplest chaotic seal issued by Xiao Lingyu in the late distracted period.
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Chapter 70 Miraculous leopard demon
? Chapter 70 Miraculous leopard demon
It is worth mentioning that the serpent that swallowed the meat of the real dragon and the dragon ball has now grown four claws, and a sharp dragon horn has emerged from its forehead. Its bloodline has been improved a lot, and black dragon’s blood has been activated a lot, which is not far away from the dragon.
Xiao Lingyu just came out for air, looking for some monster beasts to practice in actual combat …
Chapter 71 The Power of Space
? Chapter 71 The Power of Space
Although the other party is extremely fast, it is a real fit period. Xiao Lingyu feels that she can still cope with it. She can’t think of borrowing other forces when she encounters some difficulties and setbacks. She is the most reliable in everything on her own.
The leopard should be a master hunter. At this time, it regards Xiao Lingyu as its prey, while the leopard creatures …