Living in this world is really tiring.


After a pause, Xiao put away everything and then hurried downstairs.
"Boss, the time has passed, and my friend will definitely not come. These fairy stones are for you."
"Take your time, guest, and be sure to come again."
Out of the main entrance of the restaurant, Xiao Wen offered the fairy wares and went into the side street near Yuecheng, flying in the direction of the python in the dark.
Soon out of the city, Xiao Wen has found that the speed of leaning against the foot of this fairy will only chase further and further. However, it’s too conspicuous to fly in the night, so you can’t risk being discovered and use it, can you?
That’s fatal!
The next moment, Xiao asked is low scolded 1 "how silly", hand is more than a small print!
Soon a cloud and mist rose in Ran Ran, merged with the clouds at night, and accelerated to recover in the direction of the python.
The python is colorful, and its scales can reflect the moonlight, which is quite conspicuous.
So I kept chasing, and finally I got closer, and then Xiao Wen hung above the clouds at a distance, looking at the actions of those people below from time to time. He dare not stare intently, for if he is found, it will be over!
At this time, Xiao Wen was in a state of excitement and calmness, but he didn’t think much about it and might lose his life.
After about a hundred miles, an unexpected situation appeared. After the people who followed the python and the man on the python head said hello, they flew away together. At first, those people still suppressed the speed, and after a while, they walked at full speed, and the speed soared. When Xiao asked, he judged that they were all immortals!
After those people left, only the python and the people on its head were left in the sky.
One person and one python are walking leisurely. It is clear that the fields are dark at night, but they seem to be spreading in their own back garden. They are so leisurely and arrogant!

Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Rare
The python is more than ten feet long, and its whole body is shiny with colored scales. At first glance, it is nothing. Xiao asked by contrast at a distance, feeling that the python swallowed three at a time, and he was sure that it would be no problem …
However, looking at the speed of its flight, it should only correspond to the true fairy realm, and further speculate that the man on the python’s head should also be the true fairy realm.
This person must be well-known, otherwise people in the Yuecheng Xianji House can’t attach so much importance to him.
Rush up?
What if I can’t beat you?
Go to Yangcheng to help?
Can you find someone when you come back?
QiaoEr must be in a box under the python’s stomach, and Jade must still be waiting anxiously in the inn …
This is no longer a family problem of Qiaoer. There are several boxes under the python’s stomach, which is a problem of several families …
Xiao Wen also figured out the unusual place of the python and the man, which was quite cautious. Whether or not he could save those children could all fall on his head, and it would soon be known!
I followed him for a long time, but I don’t know how far it is from the near Yuecheng. Xiao Wen finally settled the dispute and began to approach the man and a python.
Originally, the distance of more than 100 feet gradually narrowed, and Xiao Wen flew from a height, and soon he reached the right distance!
At night, a group suddenly broke out in the dim clouds in the sky and swooped toward a man and a python not far away!
Seventy feet, fifty feet …
Xiao asked that there was only one thought left in his heart, and it was best to kill all the people and pythons by sneak attack!
When he was still ten feet away, he was reminded of his childhood experience like lightning. He really doesn’t remember what Xiaoyezi looks like, but he remembers the feeling at that time, especially the sadness of Xiaoyezi’s parents.
Sad, maybe that’s what it feels like.
In such an environment, Xiaoye’s parents think of their children almost everything they see and hear, and finally they can’t bear it anymore and move out of the town. If you associate it with the abduction of Xiaoye, it will definitely not come to a good end. In fact, they can’t feel at ease even if they move to other places …
What Xiao Wen can’t understand is who gave the trafficker such power to deprive a innocent and lovely child of his life. Dragging a completely innocent family into endless pain. A person has to pay at least first, and then he can ask for it, just like a mother has to feed her children at least M: I water first. Pull it up so that you can spank the child. And those traffickers, what have they paid? And what are they asking for?
What they paid was zero!