"You are xiao asked? !” The middle-aged man looked at Xiao and asked with a contemptuous smile, and then asked.


There is a saying that people have to bow their heads under the eaves. Xiao Wen can only suppress his anger and should say, "Yes."
"Nan Yunqing is here, right?" The middle-aged man laughed.
"Miss Nan is not here."
"No? !”
With a wave of his hand, the middle-aged man listened to the sound of "whew, whew" ringing, and hundreds of figures rushed out at once, faster than one, and quickly surrounded the yard from low altitude.
"Search!" The middle-aged man cold track.
"What are you doing? !” Xiao asked nu way.
However, the hundreds of people ignored him at all and rushed out of the rooms directly, and the action was very rude.
Xiao asked is not great anger, he also didn’t care about the situation, just rushed to the nearest man who rushed to the room of Nan Yunqing!
The middle-aged man in the sky smiled contemptuously, and the man who rushed to the room of South Yun Qing stopped at once, and looked at Xiao Wen indifferently, obviously not taking Xiao Wen seriously.
However, Xiao asked that most of the magical powers now are Xu Li before moving. At first, they couldn’t see anything at all, and the movement was quite great!
"Whew", Xiao asked directly into a light and shadow, directly rushed to the man in front of the house! The speed is absolutely beyond everyone’s imagination! Your support is my greatest motivation. )

Chapter three hundred and two Caught
"I only got the practice method of celestial realm in Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing, but there is nothing behind it." Xiao asked directly.
"It’s okay, how much you can write. We’re here to find Nan Yunqing, and we don’t want to embarrass you, as you can see. " That well-dressed middle-aged man is very straightforward and authentic.
The group of people stopped in the high air, everyone can give people a threat, and when they get together, it is difficult for ordinary people to look straight. As the leader, the well-dressed middle-aged man is also the most stressful. Xiao asked that he couldn’t see the person’s realm, but he was sure that it was definitely higher than the fairy. That man must be a man who has lived in a high position for a long time and is used to bossing around, and even the people of the Big Five are not as good as him in bearing.
However, how can he promise?
Little thought was given to the consequences, and Xiao asked the sidewalk, "I’m really sorry, even so, I can’t give you that small part of the Purple Ghost Magic Martial Arts Classic."
The middle-aged man was not surprised at all. He laughed sarcastically: "Birds of a feather flock together …"
Only by this way, Xiao Wen grasped a lot of information, which obviously allowed him to deepen his understanding of Nan Yunqing. Unfortunately, this occasion is really wrong, and the initiative is not in his hand at all …
"Although it is just to this world, but I have heard something about you. After helping Nan Yunqing, you are the enemy of the God League, and now you are unwilling to make amends. Are you ready to accept punishment? " The middle-aged man looked at Xiao and asked casually.
"It’s my business for me to help her. I was born without any favor from the God Union. I don’t need to be controlled by the world gods. How can you punish me? " Xiao asked seriously tunnel.
At this time, the peak is already full of people, most of whom are outsiders in the sky, while those standing on the mountain are all people who know the peak. The other side is menacing and seemingly irresistible, but Xiao asked this sentence when it really entered the hearts of those who know the peak: What qualifications do you have to punish me? !
"The inheritance of celestial magic originated from the alliance of the gods. Is this enough?"
"The mouth says nothing. There are many clans in the celestial world that have a history of more than 100,000 years. I have never heard of any fairy inheritance from the upper world! " Xiao asked directly.
Slowly, he also saw that although the other party was numerous and powerful. But it’s not completely unreasonable. The reason is not difficult to guess, that is, the existence of the five giants and twenty-seven cases has played a certain role in containing this newly emerging upper clan.
The middle-aged man smiled, then shook his head and said, "You understand it wrong. I mean, the generation of the founders of the five giants of the celestial world, and even the earlier generations, who created the predecessor of the God League after soaring. "
I c ā o …
Xiao asked not to curse in my mind. Can you explain it like this? ! !
According to this interpretation method, the whole practice system of the celestial realm of the cat came from the five giants and twenty-seven cases of spreading branches and leaves, and the God League of the world happened to be composed of the people of the five giants and twenty-seven cases of ancestors. Then the God League of the world really has great benefits to all the celestial cultivators of the celestial realm …
But you have your Zhang Liangji, and I have my wall ladder. Xiao Wenming knows that it is impossible to beat hard. I used my brains desperately, and soon I had a train of thought. At present, I said, "What my predecessors said was the orthodox practice system of the celestial world, but after all, this world is mostly scattered, and most of these people’s practice paths are figured out by their own wisdom. At most, I can learn from orthodoxy. At least they don’t have to be so grateful to the world god alliance, right? After coming to Ming Jianzong, the younger generation was a casual practice. The most important thing they learned after coming was the self-made self-made self-cultivation method of mind at a glance, and they learned almost nothing about magical powers. After I met Miss Nan, I simply learned her "Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing". After all, I actually didn’t learn much from the celestial orthodox practice system. So … I still think that the World God League is not qualified to punish me. "
"I see you are not stubborn, this just reason with you. Young man, don’t you know that the greatest truth in this world is actually here? " The middle-aged man smiled and said, his right fist was already grasped, and he stretched out some in the direction of Xiao Wen.
Whoever has a hard fist makes sense!
There is no doubt that people’s fists are hard enough now …
Xiao Wen’s strength is one of the top in the celestial world, but the other three people casually come out and restrict him now. This strength gap is really not generally big. It is also obvious that there are actually many key figures in the other party who didn’t play at all. Those talents are really powerful angles. Maybe one person is enough to knock Xiao Wen down!