Feng du said, "The hell is not your western hell, but the hell of the whole world. You crossed those sentient beings into the west, but it broke the chance of reincarnation of the whole world. In another thousand years, there will be no living beings coming to the world without those reincarnated people, and there will be fewer and fewer sentient beings in the world. However, you have done something to destroy the world, which is contrary to your western teachings and your grand aspirations."


Feng du’s voice, with the power of confusion, confuses this treasure trove, losing its mind. This place is close to the underworld, and many demons wander across from it. When they see that treasure trove is lost, the demons immediately rush into the treasure trove’s mind.
The heart of the Tibetan monk was infiltrated by demons, and he immediately became possessed and was riddled with fire. In the west, Jieyin and Zhunti read at the same time: "Amitabha." The sound penetrated through the nine secluded places, and went straight to the Tibetan mind. With the help of two saints, the Tibetan mind was immediately awake.
Feng du said, "Everything in the world has a destiny. If you cross them, you will change their destiny, and they will still have a chance to win the road in the future. But once you cross them, you will lose your chance. What you do is to ruin the life of the bad guys. As your Buddhism said, if you don’t seek the afterlife in this life, you will commit iniquity if you break their afterlife now. You are not crossing the world, but poisoning it. "
Feng du hides confusedly again, and the just-awake mind of the Tibetan is lost again. "What I have done is wrong," Tibetan muttered. "I’m not saving people, I’m harming them. I was wrong. "
Feng du affirmed, "Yes, you are wrong. Look at the people in this hell. They used to accumulate merits and cultivate good fortune here, but you have harmed them by crossing those souls. Look. They can only be a Buddha in the Buddha country, but there is no chance in the future. You know the sin. "
Feng du’s last words were shouted out with a way, and the Tibetan monk was woken up by this sound. Worship: "I’m the master."
Feng du pointed to the other side of the Santu River and said, "There are countless demons there, but they are actually Buddhas."
Dizang looked across the Santu River. At the entrance to the underworld, countless demons and grandchildren lingered, but in Dizang’s eyes, he saw countless Buddhas and Buddhas. The Tibetan monk wandered towards the entrance to the underworld, and kept reading scriptures in his mouth.
Zhang Wenpa feng du cleared the crypt out of the underworld and sent it to the underworld, but he didn’t want all living things in heaven and earth to be transformed by Buddhism. This is the place where all living things in heaven and earth are reincarnated, and no one can intervene, so it must be fair and just, otherwise all living things in heaven and earth will lose the chance to find a chance in reincarnation, which is also a way to go against Zhang Wendun. Although Zhang Wen stole countless fortunes, he wouldn’t steal a chance from all sentient beings. This is the place where all sentient beings have a chance. Although he had to go, Zhang Wen only took the fate of hell for many years, and the reincarnation opportunity has always been left to all sentient beings. If Zhang Wen was cruel and stole a chance from all sentient beings, there would be no such thing as a catastrophe.
The two westerners naturally know that the treasure trove has drifted to the underworld, but they have to sigh, but they can’t help it. After all, this place was set up by the one in Penglai. Although the six roads are fair, the present place is simply the place of Penglai. With Zhang Wen behind him, who dares to come?
After the Tibetan medicine fell into the underworld, the endless demons came towards the Tibetan medicine, and the magic gas swept through the underworld like a big wave. After the Tibetan medicine absorbed the endless magic gas, all the golden light on its body changed into black light, and the originally solemn method also became sinister and evil. The golden lotus was originally the Buddha’s golden lotus, but now it has become a black lotus platform.
Mo Tian came to Dizang, smiled at Dizang as a demon, and said, "Do you understand Dizang?"
"Disciple understands that Buddha is a demon, and the demon is also a Buddha," said Zangxie with a smile. There is no Amitabha in the south. "
Mo Tiandao: "A smile is a Buddha, an anger is a demon, a Buddha is a demon, and a demon is a Buddha. I don’t know when to wait at this time. " Mo Tian said, "Give directions and hide the eyebrows in the earth." The earth was pointed out by this Mo Tianyi, and all the magic energy in his body dissipated. Then he was golden, showing his golden body, solemn as a Buddha, and he became a Buddha again. For a moment, the black gas flashed on the Tibetan body, and the golden light changed into black light, and the Tibetan body became a magic again. The golden light and the black light changed constantly. After tea time, I hid myself in a golden light and smiled: "Come to my uncle’s help, and now my disciple has realized."
Mo Tiandao: "Since you understand, then you can go."
After worshipping Mo Tian three times and knocking nine times, Dizang went to the hell. After staying in the eighteenth floor of hell, he sat down and recited the scriptures. The grievances of the murders in that hell continued to converge towards Dizang, and after Dizang absorbed those grievances, he became more golden. Mr. Zhang regards the underground treasure as a garbage cleaner. This resentment is useless to the ghosts, but it is of great use to all beings in the underworld. The grievances of the underworld used to converge towards the underworld. Now the underground treasure is transformed by Mr. Zhang, and finally it becomes a magic, but this resource can’t be wasted. Didn’t he say that hell is not empty and sworn not to become a Buddha? Then go and absorb the grievances of the ghosts in the underworld, and one day those grievances will be sucked clean, so that. But this kind of crossing is not for Buddhism, but entirely for the whole world. Zhang Wen crossed the Tibetan Cave, and the merits of this Tibetan Cave that didn’t cross a ghost will be divided into half. Although it is negligible compared with Zhang Wen’s daily merits, the mosquito is still meat no matter how small it is, and Zhang Wenlian doesn’t let go of those fates in the western gods, not to mention this merit.

Chapter ninety-eight He just went to you again
This Buddhist disciple went to the underworld, but the saints didn’t know about the last thing of hiding and demonizing. The second saint in the west only knew that the hiding failed, but he didn’t know exactly how. He took a fancy to the fat meat in the underworld early in the morning, but he just didn’t have a chance. Now the western religion has made a move first, and the final outcome is unknown, but you can know that it was defeated at a guess. The disciple Taiyi was originally destined to incarnate Yamaraja in the underworld, but it’s a pity that Zhang Wen had previously set up Yamaraja in the underworld, and now Yuan Shi.
Yuanshi said, "Western religions have been hidden in the underworld. Now your chance is approaching, you can also go to the underworld and become the six-way wheel king."
The real Taiyi worshiped: "Teacher is merciful, and my disciples will go to hell."
Taiyi’s real person went to hell, and Xuandu in the Eight Scenes Palace also knew about it, but it was Zhang Wen’s help that revealed the secret to Xuandu and let him know Taiyi’s incarnation into hell. Xuandu hurried to the underworld to stop it. When I saw Xuandu leaving, I sighed, "I was calculated first, but I didn’t know that I was calculated. I don’t know if this lower bound is your chance or disaster. Hey. "
As soon as Taiyi’s real person arrived in Yinshan, Xuandu came here. When Master Taiyi saw Xuandu coming, he asked, "What’s the big brother coming for?"
Xuandu said, "But I’m here for the sake of my younger brother."
Taiyi, a real person, didn’t know the meaning of Xuandu. He said, "The teacher has already told me that I just turned into a six-wheel king with one corpse, so big brother doesn’t have to worry."
Xuandu said, "Brother is wrong. I came here to stop you from entering that place. "
Unknown so, a real person in Taiyi, asked, "Big Brother, what does this mean? The teacher gave me a chance, but why did my brother want to block it? "
Xuandu said, "Brother, do you know where the six roads of hell come from?"
Taiyi real person said, "The elder brother is testing me. Naturally, these six paths were created by the incarnation of Empress Pingxin, but the hell was created by Bozu, a floating cloud master in Penglai. Why the big brother came is still clear, don’t say anything about this. "
Xuandu said, "Why do you want to go to the underworld to participate in this matter when you know who set up the six roads of the underworld?"
"Don’t worry, master elder brother," said the real Taiyi. "The teacher has said that my chance is coming, and I deserve to enter this place. Empress Pingxin is a saint who should know what days have done. As an elder, Shi Bozu will definitely not care about me this time."
Xuandu said, "Brother, it’s a mistake. In the past, the underground was hidden in the underground under the western teachings, but because the underground was not for the sake of the west, Shi Bozu suppressed it in the underground and could never leave it. This time, if the younger brother enters the hell, there must be selfishness. If the uncle is angry, I am afraid that the younger brother will not get this hell in this life. "
The real Taiyi said, "The elder brother is well-intentioned, and the younger brother knows it. This time, if I incarnate as the Six Wheels King, I will handle the affairs of the underworld fairly, and I will never waste my public office for personal gain."
When Xuandu saw that Taiyi was a real person, he was a little relieved. He said, "Since my younger brother has made a promise, I can’t stop it any longer, but I have to wait for my younger brother to go to this place."
"What else do you need, big brother? Just make it clear. Why bother?"
"It has to be like this," said Xuandu. "Otherwise, my younger brother will break his word in the future, but it will be a great disaster."
Taiyi couldn’t resist Xuandu’s going to the hell with Xuandu, and the two of them watched. All beings in the hell were working hard for their own future. Those who made mistakes were working hard to mend their ways, and those who died in vain served as military service here, or worked hard to dispel their grievances, gather good fortune and work hard for reincarnation.
Xuandu said, "All living beings in this underworld act according to the rules of the underworld. You can see that all those who are at fault have worked here to mend their ways, so as to accumulate good fortune for the next life. Even those who are at fault can mend their ways here. Unlike human beings, there is no punishment for those who make mistakes here, and only a chance remains in the ordinary life. No matter whether they are right or wrong in their previous lives, as long as they mend their ways here, they will have their own opportunities in the future."
This Xuan took Taiyi as a real person to watch in hell, and Mr. Zhang had asked feng du to clear the way for him, so the two of them had never seen the strength of this hell once they took to it.
After they took this place to a circle, Xuandu also explained it again. Xuandu said, "Have you ever understood now, younger brother?"
The real Taiyi thought for a moment and made a deep bow to Xuandu. He said, "I am very grateful to the elder brother for his teaching today, but for his teaching, I am afraid I will make a big mistake in the future."
Xuandu leaned over to let the real Taiyi bow down and said, "Don’t thank me, younger brother. This time, I came because I was instructed by my uncle, and I didn’t want my younger brother to make a big mistake in the future. "
Taiyi real people listened to a deep bow in the direction of Penglai, which was a gratitude to Zhang Wenzhi. The real Taiyi made three obeisances and nine knocks at the Jade Palace, saying, "The teacher is on the scene, and now my disciples understand the responsibility of reincarnation of all beings in heaven and earth. Now I am willing to turn into a six-way wheel king and handle six reincarnations fairly, and I will never tolerate it. If I violate this oath, heaven and earth will be punished together."
Real Taiyi made a great wish, and Heaven showed that he would help others by lowering his merits. Then Real Taiyi made an oath to treat all beings fairly, but in the future he could only do things according to the rules of hell.
With the help of that merit, Master Taiyi’s strength soared, and he turned to Xuandu and said, "Big Brother enlightened me today and deserves my worship."
Xuandu listened to Taiyi’s words and received the worship. "Teacher younger brother now incarnation six wheel king, in the future, the infinite amount of robbery may not be out, teacher younger brother for the sake of the whole life. Be worshipped by me. "
Xuandu worships the Taiyi reality, and after the worship of Taiyi reality, the incarnation time goes to the hell. Finally, six people are divided on the six roads, wearing nine embroidered robes, but they are the King of Heaven, the King of Humanity, the King of Xiuluo Road, the King of Animal Road, the King of Hungry Ghost Road and the King of Hell Road. In this way, the six-way wheel king corresponds to the six paths of reincarnation of all beings, but the Lord is in charge of the six paths of reincarnation of all beings.
This was naturally known from the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. Originally, the number of days showed that Taiyi would incarnate the Six-way Rotation King with one corpse, which could help the door to master the part of hell. Unfortunately, the number of days would change temporarily, and finally Taiyi actually incarnated the Six-way Rotation King. As a result, the Yuan Dynasty lost another disciple, which made the door more withered.
Xuandu turned Taiyi’s reality into a six-wheel king, which led to the beginning of evil, but Mr. Zhang’s calculation was severe, and he directly handed this cause and effect to Sanqing himself for disposal. As for the western Tibetan, it is mainly because as soon as the Tibetan entered the underworld, it broadened all beings and made Zhang Wen angry, so he directly killed the Tibetan and demonized it.
Taiyi real person incarnated as the Six-way Wheel King, and Zhang Wenqin went to the underworld and said, "Taiyi is the whole world, willing to incarnate as the Six-way Wheel King, and there is no limit to it. This deity made a decree today, and in the future, Taiyi can enjoy the immeasurable robbery and purity, and it can be described as a blessing. "
Since Mr. Zhang said that, that is to say, Heaven has also recognized what Mr. Zhang said. Taiyi will be blessed in the future, but now he has to stay in hell, and he won’t have the chance to enjoy the peace until he is rescued from the infinite amount.

Chapter ninety-nine The sky was punctured and I’ll block it.
Taiyi was incarnated as a six-way wheel king, but the door failed to intervene in the hell, and the Buddhist underground was directly demonized, and Buddhism also suffered a great loss. After this, these saints also know that not everyone can intervene in this hell. The one in Penglai doesn’t care about the number of days.