"What the hell is this?" Windson distressed thinking that although his own strength can echo the requirements of the soul-destroying disc, windson knows that the higher the level of magic weapon, the more doorways it is used. This soul-destroying disc has been circulating in the fix-up world for a long time, but so far no one can reveal the secret. As for how to use it, it is still in the primary stage, but even in the primary stage, it has been able to make this magic weapon dominate the fix-up world for such a long time that it is enough to see the extraordinary magic weapon. Lin Feng is not arrogant enough to think that he is better than so many amazing predecessors, but he must give it a try and see if he can explore the secret.


Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Fluttershy
Windson’s first thought was that the plot of blood drop compared with dog’s blood could not be tried too much in Windson’s view, and maybe a clue could be found.
Forcing a drop of jingxie from your fingertips contains a huge amount of aura and is also mixed with fairy gas. This belongs to the celestial world. When the alien planet was killed, Lin Feng absorbed countless violent fairy gas. After being refined by cocoa, it has now formed a pure fairy gas in the body. When the jingxie containing the fairy gas drops on the soul-killing disc, the soul-killing disc suddenly emerges from Lin Feng’s hands.
Windson didn’t catch it, but he didn’t run away when he saw the soul-destroying disc, and he was no longer worried that he would run away. It’s hard to avoid being a little excited in my heart because I’ve never seen this kind of situation from the memory of rebellious demons, which at least shows that Lin Feng may have touched the right way and looked at the changes in front of him excitedly and excitedly.
The soul-killing dish looks like two plates that are locked together, but both sides have complicated textures. In the middle, there is a shaft that seems to run through both sides. This shaft is slightly concave inside the soul-killing dish. When Lin Feng drips Jingxue, the ghost-killing dish drops Jingxue in the recess on one side. At this time, the hanging soul-killing dish begins to slowly extend a dark red stick on the upper and lower sides, and the soul-killing dish itself becomes larger with the length of the long stick.
Windson hurriedly back out of a mile until the soul-destroying disc changes. Windson looked at what was in front of him in a dull way. What is this thing? Is it a flying saucer?
"I depend." Windson can’t help but scold a way.
"How to use this thing?" As windson thought of here in my heart, the soul-destroying disc suddenly appeared on windson’s head and a dark red halo wrapped him up instantly. Windson had no time to react, so he was controlled, and his body seemed to be out of his own. He couldn’t speak or move, only his eyes could walk around.
Windson immediately now this scene is really like the legendary flying saucer, but this ability is a little abnormal. I have also been in contact with aliens. I have never seen such a powerful flying saucer. Isn’t this something from this universe?
"I’m not a UFO. I am a magic weapon, but I was made by the former owner according to the appearance of a flying saucer. " A clear voice in windson’s mind.
"ah? Who are you? " Fortunately, Lin Feng is also a master among masters now. Naturally, he won’t be scared speechless by others’ words, but he is still amazed at the meaning of obedient words. It seems that this soul-destroying disc can communicate with himself intelligently.
"I am the soul-destroying disc in your mouth. It’s good to see the light of day again. Thank you for your help. If it weren’t for the fairy gas in your blood. It’s impossible for me to recognize the Lord again. Generally speaking, there should be no fairy drift in this space. I almost gave up my fantasy for so long. I didn’t expect you to help me see the light of day again. " It sounds like a girl. Windson’s mind soon stabilized. "You mean I am your master now. And you are this soul-destroying disc? " Windson asked.
"Yes, I can change at will, both in shape and size, and there is also an independent space in my body where countless collections of collectors’ former owners are kept." Probably haven’t communicated with people for a long time. Obviously, I’m proud to introduce the soul-destroying disc to Lin Feng. Just then, Lin Feng suddenly felt a hot, mature and beautiful eyebrow. Cocoa stood in front of Lin Feng and cried with surprise: "Wow. Brother, what is this? How do I feel that the fairy gas in this is more pure than what I refined? "
"Five elements of spiritual baby?" The voice of the soul-destroying disc rang again, but this time it was clear that she was surprised to see the five elements of Lingying here.
"Hey, who is talking?" Cocoa asked doubtfully with a frown, "Why can’t I find you? Ah! "
Cocoa thought for a moment and exclaimed, pointing to the beautiful virtual shadow on a disk in front.
Originally in front of the cocoa out windson a circular metal plate. Suddenly there appeared a man dressed in classical clothes. Long sleeves waving black waist. A girl with a beautiful face.
"Who are you? How do you know that I am a five-element baby? " Cocoa asked doubtfully.
"I don’t know why I know, but I just know. I also know that you will soon be able to form an entity, but your age seems to be very low. I don’t feel quite right anyway. Have you eaten any genius treasures? " The palace girl asked doubtfully.
"Why should I tell you?" Coco pouted and asked, obviously, I don’t tell you when I know you.
"Cough! Cough! "
Windson a look at the two men had a hard time to remind that there was another one who had a dry cough.
"You don’t tell me I also know that you must have eaten something good? Have you acknowledged the Lord? It seems to have something to do with the owner. " The girl in the palace turned to look at Lin Feng who coughed several times and asked strangely, "Master, are you all right?" Is there something wrong? "
Cocoa at that time also noticed that there seems to be something wrong with windson a face of concern.
"Nothing to cough!" Windson said two words and coughed for half a day. At that time, his throat itched and he coughed habitually.
Cocoa quickly came forward to worry about the back of Lin Feng’s hammer and asked, "Brother, are you okay?"
Windson heart straight sobbed just to attract your attention to cough for half a day, this is not a hoarse throat.
Cocoa and palace girls have some strange connection with windson, so they all know the idea of windson at the first time. Both of them face red to the neck.
Cocoa angry off windson arm in the past and palace girl chatted. In a short time, Coco and Beauty became sisters who talked about everything. Lin Feng listened in and learned that the original girl is really a soul-destroying dish, which should be regarded as the spirit of the artifact, and Lin Feng also learned that the space inside this soul-destroying dish is actually a real world, with flowers, birds, insects, fish, mountains and vegetation.
The previous generation of soul-killing disc owners once put a lot of fairy beasts in this space, even including two Kirin, a pair of phoenixes and ten dragons. Both forest air and cocoa were frightened. What is the character of this former owner who is so awesome?
Results ask Fluttershy-this is Coco’s name for the soul-destroying disc.
Fluttershy answer let cocoa and windson a speechless.
"I don’t know. Every time I change my master, I selectively forget the master of the previous generation, but I still need to remember other things such as the inside of the soul-destroying disc. For example, the owners of previous generations have captured many beasts again and again, and I have remembered them, but I have selectively forgotten who the owner is. Hey, hey, this is not important. Anyway, I am going to mix with Lin Feng. "
Fluttershy’s voice sounds very pleasing to the ear, but the content suddenly gives thunder to windson.
"Mix with Lin Feng." Lin Feng was speechless and unwilling to ask: "How can you say that you are mixed with me? I am your master anyway, and did your former master teach you badly? "
Fluttershy wrinkled his lovely nose and said with a smile, "No, I learned it from Coco’s sister. Is it because of my brother that you brought Coco bad?" Cocoa looked at each other with windson.
Windson wisely chose to change the subject.
"Fluttershy, can you fly long distances?" Windson asked.
"Sure." Fluttershy answered in the affirmative.
"Can you jump in space?"
"What about teleportation?"
"Can things in the space be taken out?"