However, Dr. Ishii seems to be very persistent about this H gun. Suddenly, the H gun is started again, and the last dissolving beast is taken in.


"eh? Why hasn’t it been launched yet? " May suddenly said that when Aaron suddenly thought of a very important thing …
As soon as that car exploded! Aaron immediately tackled May, and then he felt a lot of stones hit his back. Aaron propped himself up with his hands, and then he realized that he and May were so close now …
"This is not a standard push posture? What am I doing! " Aaron shouted in his heart that the horse got up in a panic. May also got up slowly and looked at Aaron’s dusty face and began to turn red gradually.
"Thank you … thank you, Aaron …" May said that Aaron could immediately clap his pants and say no.
Suddenly Aaron found a strong light shining behind him and turned to find that a huge green guy had appeared in the city building …
"There’s another monster at a height of 16 meters," Super Dream said. This seems to be its first appearance today.
Sixty-three! Return to the orange road museum!
"hey! What’s with the dissolving beast! " May was the first to shout.
"What the hell is going on, Dr. Ishii!" Officer Jenny also asked.
"Just now, the food-dissolving beast seems to have released energy in the machine, which reacted with the H element and made it huge," said Dr. Ishii.
"But what should I do!" Officer Jenny asked the most practical question.
"If there is an H-gun, maybe there is a way to do it now …" Dr. Ishii said as if he didn’t have any countermeasures.
"Although the H cannon is gone, I’m still here. I’m here to stop the carnivore, but it may inevitably cause urban damage. Would you please ask Miss Junsha and Miss Joey to organize the evacuation of residents together?" Aaron said Officer Jenny one leng.
"You said you stop? What do you want to take … ""If you don’t decide soon, it won’t be long before this food-dissolving beast swallows the food in the central warehouse. "Aaron interrupted Officer Jenny’s words
"Forget it, I’m fine. Let you believe it now." Aaron said, and took out three Poké Ball from his coat pocket. When he threw it into the sky, the three big birds roared and appeared. It was Moltres Flash Bird and Frozen Bird!
"It’s relieved," Aaron said, and also released his own mount of desert dragonfly. "May Xiaosheng, please evacuate quickly. Don’t worry, genius is no problem." Aaron said that May nodded with confidence in Aaron’s eyes and then left Officer Jenny with Xiaosheng. Seeing May and Xiaosheng left, it was finally decided to join Miss Joey, but in fact, it was not linked. Residents had already started to flee for their lives, and Miss Joey had already entered the work.
"The enemy is a big guy, but I don’t think you can’t deal with it, even if it’s big, it hasn’t changed." Aaron flew to the dissolving beast in a desert dragonfly, a desert dragonfly, a Moltres flash bird and a frozen bird. "Don’t leave your hand, just attack it and spray a flame of 100 thousand volts to freeze the light!" Aaron shouted
Although the order is fire and ice, the first thing to do is the flash bird. Sure enough, the flash bird is the best and most active of the three god birds. As soon as 100,000 volts hit the dissolving beast, the dissolving beast immediately sent out a cry that seemed to be very painful. I noticed four flying units and one person, but Ma Moltres’s jet flame took a straight shot and hit the dissolving beast. The dissolving beast immediately gave out a pain and then sent out a purple light.
"It is the energy that is carefully connected to estimate that the energy is released!" Aaron shouted that all four Poké mon are knowing.
Immediately, a thick purple light hit the four guys, all of whom were prepared to avoid it as soon as possible, but it was still a little risky. Although Aaron had expected that the attack would be very big, he really didn’t expect that the attack diameter would be almost equal to the body diameter of the dissolving beast. The blow hit the building class must have been knocked down by the suspense! And this is an energy … It’s like a super strategic weapon!
At this time, the freezing light of the frozen bird is also played out, hitting the foot of the dissolving animal and freezing the foot of the dissolving animal to the ground.
"Magnetic wave!" Along ling
The flash bird spread its wings and then hit a few tiny streams, hitting the dissolving beast. Immediately, the dissolving beast was entangled in the stream. The dissolving beast seemed to be trying to make skills, but nothing happened.
"It feels like it’s time to see how many times the carnivorous beast can attack the three birds. Just now, there was no paralysis interference, and the energy release failed to hit my side, let alone adding magnetic waves, and the energy release needs energy first. This root is to show me that I won’t fall for this trick." A Long Xin said.
Sure enough, as Aaron guessed, everything was going on. After the frozen bird froze the light for many times, the dissolved food beast was "stuck" to the ground by this. The flash bird and Moltres attacks were constantly intertwined and hit the dissolved food beast, which was frozen. The dissolved food beast couldn’t even fight back and broke the ice, and it would be frozen again. It was just like this that the dissolved food beast was slowly knocked down! Aaron will have a wonderful battle, and now he feels a little helpless.
"Well, go to Poké Ball!" Aaron threw a master ball from Poké Ball Aaron, leaving one. Of course, Ibrahimovic brothers still owe Aaron one, but they haven’t been linked recently. Anyway, it’s not urgent and they are ready to lose the last master ball when the time comes. Besides, the overweight ball is gone. Let’s try our luck with ordinary Poké Ball, Poké Ball hits the carnivore and then takes it in, but Ma Poké Ball opens it! The carnivore has been beaten close to losing its combat capability. Sure enough, the performance of ordinary Poké Ball can’t accept this huge Poké mon.
"Aaron makes this!" Aaron was just about to make the master ball, but suddenly Miss Joey appeared, and then a round thing flew to his side. The desert dragonfly flew to catch it, and then Aaron took it from the desert dragonfly and saw that it was an overweight ball!
"Thanks, Miss Joey!" Aaron shouted, and then the dragonfly got up in the desert and threw the overweight ball at the giant carnivore! The huge carnivore was taken in again, and then the overweight ball fell to the ground and began to shake for a few times, but finally it didn’t move.
"Well done, the huge dissolving beast has been collected!" Aaron and the desert dragonfly fell. Aaron picked up a huge carnivore from the ground. Suddenly there was a clap around the horse? At first glance, a large group of citizens surrounded Aaron. Aaron said, You are really desperate to be in such a close place …
Or take the desert dragonfly to take back the three birds and fly back to Officer Jenny.
Time flies. The morning sun has already come out. Aaron didn’t know it was time to land. Aaron was immediately praised by Miss Joy from Officer Jenny and Dr. Ishii.
"It worked, Aaron. I knew your words would be no problem." May also said that Aaron nodded with a smile.
"But will the carnivore stay that big?" Xiaoshengwen
"This sentence should run out of excess energy, and it will change back. Look at what the dissolving beast was like just now. Now it should be about the same," said Dr. Ishii. Then he motioned for Aaron to open an overweight ball. Aaron nodded to open the overweight ball, but it was still the huge green guy.
"Quick … take it back quickly!" Officer Jenny immediately shouted seems to be very afraid of this guy.
Aaron also immediately took back the dissolving beast, but Aaron was glad that the dissolving beast didn’t change back, otherwise it would be meaningless to fight by himself.
"It seems that there is still a problem with my theory. If Aaron doesn’t mind, can you put your dissolving beast with me first? I’ve been studying the carnivore for five years, and now this huge carnivore is really a very valuable exchange of research. I will help you restore the shape of this carnivore, "said Dr. Ishii. It should be said that this requirement was made by Dr. Zhenghui before Aaron expected to close the giant dragon.
"Yeah, but if you get back in shape, you’d better forget it. If you get back in shape, you’ll have more fighting power," Aaron said. Dr. Ishii seemed surprised by this answer.
"Wait, are you still going to drive such a monster to fight?" Dr Ishii asked in surprise.
"What’s the matter? I have almost 8 meters tall stinging jellyfish. This is a ten-meter-high carnivore. It’s nothing at all." Aaron said very, very calmly, while the rest of the five people present were very surprised. Dr. Ishii didn’t ask if it was true or not after listening to this. It is estimated that he saw the news of too large stinging jellyfish.
"I know," said Dr. Ishii. Aaron also nodded, and then he was ready to hand over Poké Ball, a huge carnivore, to Dr. Ishii, but suddenly he thought that he had something very important to do. First, he opened Poké Ball, a carnivore.
"You should know me as a master, but I can’t take you with me all the time because you are very old. I’ll leave you to this doctor here for the time being. Be good and listen to the doctor, okay?" Aaron said kindly to the dissolving beast, the dissolving beast looked at Aaron and then twisted a huge body, almost moving his face. Let’s nod.
After walking on for several days, I finally arrived in the North Orange City, where Mr. Qianli is a big idol, May and Xiaosheng are the owners of Qianli Pavilion. Naturally, where did the daughter and son receive enthusiastic pursuit? Because of his real inability to get away, Aaron finally had to leave the next day, and at 3 o’clock the next day, three people returned to the front of the Orange Road Pavilion!
"I haven’t been back for a few months, but it seems like a moment when I think about it again." May said Aaron at his door and nodded slightly
"Yes, my strength has improved in a few months. Then I will challenge Mr. Qianli." Aaron said, and then his eyes became sharp, but Xiaosheng was slow to speak, as if thinking about something.
"Aaron and dad against? So who will win? Aaron has Moltres Flash Birds, Frozen Birds and Lugia … And there is the super-large carnivore. Aaron said that there is a super-large stinging jellyfish … No, dad is so strong that he will not lose when he is called the Four Kings! " This is Xiao Sheng thinking … [reading without pop-up]
Sixty-four empathy? Family crisis?
"I’m back!" "I’m back!" May and Xiaosheng finally shouted and ran to the Dojo, and Aaron followed behind. As soon as the Dojo door opened, a young man came out. This man Aaron came to the Orange China Dojo once, but he was seen by Mr. Qianli’s apprentice named Kenji.
"oh? Welcome back, Miss May, Master Xiaosheng. "Kenji said immediately when he saw May and Xiaosheng, and then saw Aaron say hello to Aaron behind him.
"Long time no see, Kenji," May said.
"Where’s Dad?" Xiaosheng immediately asked if he could not wait to see his father.
"Teacher’s business …" When Kenji heard that Xiaosheng wanted to find Mr. Qianli, he immediately showed a difficult expression and then bent down to pretend to whisper. "In fact, the situation is a bit complicated now."
"ah! May Xiaosheng, you are back! " Suddenly there was a sound from the door. Aaron looked over and it was May Xiaosheng’s mother.
"ah mom!" May and Xiaosheng shouted the same words again and then ran to their mother. May’s mother also squatted down and hugged May and Xiaosheng. "It’s great that you two look really energetic. Mom misses you so much. Xiaosheng, you seem to have grown up again." May’s mother looked at her two children and said.
Good afternoon, seeing that he has been forgotten, Aaron can say hello to show that he is …
"Oh, Aaron, it’s been a long time, too. Come in, please," said May’s mother, and then she was ready to take three people into the Taoist temple
"By the way, where’s mom and dad?" Small victory asked immediately gas froze there was no sound.
"Ah, there’s a lot of dust here. I need to clean it!" Kenji immediately started talking loudly and then waved his broom. Everyone could see that he was deliberately changing the subject.
"What happened to Dad?" May said is also asked.
"ah? Nothing. By the way, I’m just preparing snacks. Aaron should come and eat together. "May’s mother said that Aaron thanked him immediately, and then three people just followed May’s mother and went in to see Kenji behind him and immediately gave a sigh of relief. Aaron saw it in his eyes and May saw it in his eyes.
Sure enough, there were a lot of delicious things on the table, and three people followed by Kenji also sat and ate.
"But mom and dad are so slow. Shouldn’t they usually sit in the Taoist temple?" Xiaosheng asked May again, and echoed a small distance. Mom showed the whole body shaking.