Yan Luo took the nod and turned the paper into a sweet-looking girl. "Okay! You sit aside for a while and I’ll give it to you! "


"Thanks!" I pulled the dragon horse and Chi aside with a smile.
After a while, Yanluo called us to get fireworks. "It’s bold to dare to come to the temple fair in such a big way at an early age!"
"Ha ha! I’m sure nothing will happen with monsters like my predecessors! " I took the fireworks and said cheerfully
Smoke Luo looked at me doubtfully.
The fireworks soon burned out. I dragged two people to wander around a shrine. The wooden board was built into a box and there was a portrait embedded in it. The portrait was solemn with a hint of evil, but you couldn’t tell which god it was because of its vague face. In front of the portrait, there was a bronze incense burner with a few lighted incense sticks inserted. White smoke curled up and floated away in all directions with a quiet aroma.
Within three minutes, the portrait was full, but it was arranged in order, so it didn’t seem chaotic.
"Small yarn what is that? Why are there so many monsters to exchange? " The dragon asked strangely
"That is die for loving!" I don’t care to say
Die for loving?’ Dragon and Red also looked at me together.
"die for loving is a nocturnal monster with portraits and incense burner shrines. It is a healing saint for monsters with weak self-healing ability, and it has a better effect on human beings. Even if the body is dead, it can make carrion grow muscle again before it is turned into bones." I shrugged and said, "Because there are too many people who covet it, die for loving rarely appears in the world. Although it belongs to hundreds of ghosts, it actually has no friendship with a monster inside, and it has its own unique ability to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon for a long time unless it allows it.
"It’s amazing!" Red also blinked and said
I thought about it in the shrine and condensed the demon power into three beads and put them on the balance sweat! Fortunately, I just became a demon when I changed, otherwise I will change it now! If I remember correctly, three years later, when kurama’s brother and human mother were ill, kurama would look for this thing everywhere. Unfortunately, every time he followed the taste to find it, it was already preempted by others. In the end, there was really no other way to go to the spiritual world and steal the three treasures! Do him a favor! I have less demon power. Can I get one?
Balance completely one-sided host monster leng leng and took a die for loving to put! So I took another one. Okay! Moved a little bit
I curled my head and said, "Let’s do it! Just give me three more beautiful wallets! "
The monster immediately handed me three purses. I took over and put three die for loving in the purse, one to the dragon horse and one to the red one. "Put it away! If you are injured, this can help you! "
"Thank you, Master!" Red also carefully took the thanks.
"Who is that for?" Long Ma asked strangely, "You don’t need this, do you?"
"well! Give it to brother kurama! " I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t explain. I suddenly gave off a powerful demon force and coldly swept the monsters who were stirring next to me. This was a warning.
The farther you go, the more you eat.
"Little yarn ~ ~ ~" The dragon horse asked in a trembling voice, "What are these?"
"Uh ~ ~ monster food! Wow! I’m suddenly glad that I ate meat when I was a child! I am so glad that I used to be a dog demon! " I looked at the spread of heavy food with black lines.
The dragon and horse hand trembled and pointed to a stall and swallowed and said, "What is there dry juice here?"
I looked at the dragon horse sympathetically. "I’m sorry about the dragon horse! That’s because … "
"I am the monster Yueqian!" A figure suddenly appeared, slowly lifting the square lens and reflecting the frightening light.
"Dry seniors?" The dragon twitched the corners of the mouth and saw one side "river village senior? Senior? Senior Kikumaru? "
"Let me introduce one! The senior cadre is the senior cadre of Zhuyaohe Village and the senior cadre of Fire Demon. Dragon horse, you know it! Senior Yu Juwan, hehe! Seeing me, I am afraid of what else? "
Longma turned to look at me in silence and asked, "Isn’t it also in other schools?"
I nodded silently.
"Don’t marui senior is really a pig demon? ? ! ! !” Red also suddenly exclaimed that the Lord tried.
A few days after the American competition, the dragon and horse flew to the United States to participate in the US Open, but I was still hanging around because the national competition was not over.
"alas? ? What’s that? " I cocked my head and asked strangely
"The so-called God of Xing Cun Jing Shi is not without history! Yukimura Seiji is really good at Yin and Yang, but his father is not suitable to be a teacher of Yin and Yang. Grandpa Yukimura has been very strict in training since he was a child. It is reasonable to say that this owner of Yukimura Seiji is not wrong, but Uncle Yukimura Seiji is not so easy to deal with! " Fuji Syusuke and smiling said, "There will be three days later! However, it is very tragic that two assistants of Yukimura Seiji-Yanagi Renji and Kenichiro Makita-were sent out to perform at this time! "
"Can I bring an assistant?" I asked in a daze, er ~ ~ I didn’t see Brother Ye Wang in those days! I don’t know if it’s fun!
Fuji Syusuke nodded. "It seems that you can take two people!"
I put my arm around Fuji Syusuke’s neck and said, "Then let’s go! How about it? "
"Is that all right?" Fuji Syusuke looked at me in amazement and then shook his head "forget it! Your soul is still unstable. What if something happens? "
"No! It’s a deal ~ ~ "I took out my mobile phone and said," I’ll call the beauty! "
"Hey!" Fuji Syusuke called with a wry smile, miserable! What can I say if something happens to this big lady?
Xingcunjia three days later
I have been frowning and scanning around since I set foot in Xingcun’s house.
"Do you feel uncomfortable?" Fuji Syusuke evokes a sarcastic smile "actually controls the soul like this! There is such a big grievance in the family of Yin and Yang teachers! "
I looked at the soul of a controlled child about years old. "Are all their departments captured by the family of Xingcun?"
Fuji Syusuke nodded and closed his eyes and said, "My family has it!"
"It’s crazy!" My heart keeps twitching.
"Maybe!" Fuji Syusuke opened his blue eyes. "Xingcun and I both feel that this is very bad, but we have no ability to change!"
I crouched down to the soul and touched his cheek with distress. "I will let all your departments out in three years!" "
The soul shed crystal tears.
After a moment of silence, I got up and rolled up my sleeves with a bright smile. "Let’s go meet that beautiful second uncle!" "
Fuji Syusuke sobbed at the corners of her mouth. That’s twelve singles, Miss! Aren’t you afraid of falling when you run so fast?
"Beauty ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" I swooped.
The corners of the mouth of Seiji Shinmura hugged me with a slap in the face. "Why are you still here, Xiaosha?"