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Chapter 40 loves divination and life!
next day
"Huang Sao Huang Sao, are you there?"
When Su Ling was having breakfast with Birao in the backyard of Wangfu, Huang Yinji rushed in with a light white embroidered python double-breasted robe and a baby fat face. He ran into the backyard arch with a smile on his face, and he was still dragging his sleeves behind him.
"Small four come here!"
Su Ling leaned her arms around her chest against the door, facing the ebony table, and there were porridge dishes scattered with appetizing fragrance. Last night, she didn’t ask Su Yu for any clues. Now that Huang Yinji sent her to the door, she thought maybe she could get some news from him.
As soon as Huang Yinji heard Su Ling’s call, she turned around and waved away the breeze hand with a slightly unpleasant tone. "Why don’t you let go of Huang Sao and call me over!"
"Four report this is the princess backyard …"
The jade tree looks hard to see. Every time I face the youngest in the palace, it is the most difficult to make four princes. The jade tree feels bigger than my head.
When Huang Yinji heard this, she frowned and stared coldly. The relative expression change was comparable to blinking at the jade breeze. "Jade breeze, you know this is the backyard of Huang Sao. How dare your man trespass at will? Believe it or not, I told my brother to let him do you!"
The face of the breeze is bitter. "It’s a long way!" Then, like the spring breeze, it disappeared in the same place without leaving a trace.
Burn three-dimensional ji satisfiedly looking at the breeze flee for life as the back came also serious nod sneer at "small sample with me the whole thing can’t die you! Huangsao, I’m coming! "
For a moment, Huang Yin-ji couldn’t wait to throw himself into Su Ling’s arms with open arms. The excitement made Su Ling also raise a pleasant smile and tilt her lips, as if with a touch of novelty.
"Why did Xiao Si come to see me early in the morning?" Su Ling’s eyes looked at Huang Yin Ji and turned around to take him into the room at the same time. Today, Su Ling is wearing a smoky embroidered skirt with blue gauze, and her hair is dignified and hanging behind her head with a smile. Her cheeks are pale pink and ruddy, and the snow is beautiful and charming, just like in summer, there are many clever and eccentric temperament.
Huang Yinji looked at Su Ling with a curved brow and beautiful eyes, and her lips and teeth were as white as two crescent moons. Two cute little tiger teeth hung with a smile. "Huang Sao, I came to play with you. By the way, I told you that you were not afraid of what happened last night. I have sent someone to investigate. If you dare to touch my family, I will definitely let them go back and forth!"
"oh? What did those people do last night? " At this time, Su Ling remembered that when she left last night, they were all present. Finally, she knew that those people had come to test her, and she didn’t care. At this time, when Huang Yin Ji got up, she felt it necessary to ask.
After all, if those people are released, I’m afraid everything she showed last night will be magnified!
"Last night? I heard that I was not brought back by my brother? "
Su Ling wondered when the facial paralysis was nosy.
"Don’t you know, Huang Sao?" When Huang Yinji saw Su Ling’s face inexplicably surprised, she couldn’t help but ask Su Ling in a low voice. "I don’t know!"
"Hey, hey, Huang Sao, last night, I saw that you and Sun Qiner didn’t seem to be in harmony. In fact, you shouldn’t be angry. You can’t blame your brother for this …" Burn Yin Ji’s brow was dyed with a strong hexagram mood, which also instantly aroused Su Ling’s curiosity.
Although she doesn’t care about Huang Yin’s dust, she loves divination and life.
It’s a pity that before the divination came out, someone suddenly appeared with a frightening and fierce madness. "Who allowed you to come to the backyard of the fourth daughter-in-law!"
Hello, Zhang Siyi!
"Who allowed you to come to the backyard of the little four harem?"
Huang Yinchen walked slowly into the backyard with a cold and sharp breath. When Su Ling and Huang Yinji saw people coming from the open door, Huang Yinji suddenly jumped up from the chair like lightning and walked to the door. She smiled and looked at Huang Yinchen with a flattering attitude and said, "Brother Huang and I are also a family. Let me see her!"
Sitting at the table all the time, Su Ling saw that there was a slight flash of disappointment in this eye light, and it was really special that she happened to be about to ignite the divination heart and was instantly doused by him. This day can’t be passed!
"Are you? So you have learned archery well? " Burn three-dimensional dust steps steady and powerful. Every step burn three-dimensional Ji’s face is stiff.
Who said that san huang was the most difficult brother in the palace?
Lying in the wind!
Huang Yinji watched as Huang Yinchen approached archery, and suddenly the whole person was depressed and shook his head. "Not yet!"
"Do you need Wang to practice with you?"
Burn three-dimensional dust angular outline with resolute aloof peach blossom eyes cold if cold pool attitude towards burn three-dimensional ji no half brother should have love.
It happened that Huang Yinji was not afraid of anything, but he was afraid that when he thought of his wrist and inhuman torture, Huang Yinji shook his head like a rattle and walked and said, "No, no, brother, you have to work hard day and night. I’ll go back to the palace first!"
Burn Yin Ji fled like a flash from burn Yin dust and left the backyard. Don’t you dare inform your brother that I won’t spare you!
Su Ling ate a delicious breakfast and despised Huang Yinji in her heart. Until now, she didn’t understand why these people were afraid of him.
Because he’s cold and crazy? It doesn’t make sense!
Burn three-dimensional dust across into the face of Su Ling ritual has long been accustomed to take a seat across from Su Ling, and the eyes of the stars are like arrows, and the cold mountain is staring straight at Su Ling’s delicate cheeks.
"Stay away from the fourth grade. He’s not worth your thought!"
"You condescended to come here and talk nonsense?" Su Ling raised her eyebrows and looked at the food, and her lips and teeth were hooked with sarcasm and evil laughter.
Huang Yinchen’s eyes are faint, cold and solemn. "Do you have anything to explain last night?"
"no?" Huang Yin dust slightly raises the tone and seems to be full of laughter. "Xiao Ning suddenly appeared in the distance of Beijing a few months ago and became a mystery as a shopkeeper. He disappeared after going out of town and going east last night!"
Su Ling’s face was ill, but her heart was suddenly shocked, and then she deliberately raised a flowery smile and retorted, "You know very well from my investigation that you have worn a green hat and I have committed seven crimes. Divorce me or I will divorce you!"
"Are you sure he is one of you?"
Burn three-dimensional dust into the temples, long eyebrows, roots and roots, slightly twisting the radian of scorn along the brow line, eyes burning like Yao, saying that it is cool like smoke, which makes Su Ling feel a little more complicated in her heart for no reason.
Is he look down on her rhythm?
"Hello, Wang, go back to the barracks tonight!"
Zhang 42 was invited by the princess!
The setting sun is red and rosy, and the horizon is intoxicating. When it’s not enough, I left the palace, but before I left, I left the jade tree beside Su Ling.
At that time, the breeze was hanging outside the door with the afterglow of the sunset, while Su Ling was sitting in the wing, holding the bar with her hands, and the door gradually became dim, and her thoughts wandered around the world.
A little later, a servant came from the arch of the backyard. Perhaps it was the first time that he entered the backyard, and his behavior revealed caution. It was not until the servant saw the breeze that he hurriedly whispered in his ear.
Jade breeze heard after a folded eyes nodded "ok, I know! You wait outside first! "
When the servant left in a hurry, the breeze arranged a wardrobe and stepped sideways into the wing to see Su Ling’s eyes seemed shallow and misty, and I couldn’t help coughing lightly. "Report to my princess’s palace that Yincui gorge wants to invite the princess to get together. Do you know what the princess means?" !”
"hmm? Yincui gorge burns smoke? " In fact, as early as when the servant entered the backyard, Su Ling had already withdrawn her thoughts. At this time, it was difficult for her to be a little surprised to hear the breeze.
Last night at the palace banquet, she didn’t see the burning smoke son, recalling the scene of two people unhappy in the street, Su Ling smiled gracefully.
"Princess Hui is Yincui gorge!"
Jade breeze is fuels and nods, but his eyes are quietly looking at Su Ling. He has already heard that the princess and princess are rubbing against each other in the street, and then he associates Yincui gorge’s temperament, even if the princess will suffer.
Su Ling’s beautiful eyes briefly drew a circle and entered the palace again. Maybe I can meet a fourth grader or even a love song. Thinking about Su Ling like this, I slowly got up. "It’s rare for your princess to respect me so much. I specially invited me to the palace to get together. If I refused, wouldn’t it be unappreciative! You prepare the carriage, and I’ll follow! "
Lin Feng wondered what Su Ling thought when she turned to leave. Looking back at Su Ling again, she asked, "Is the princess really going?"
Su Ling’s elegant temperament is like a plum blossom in a light smoke cage, but it is enough to prove her decision that her eyes are inlaid with bright and dazzling brilliance, but she smiles without a word.
The breeze lowered his eyebrows and touched his nose. How could he forget the tough character of the princess? It is estimated that even Yincui gorge deliberately made things difficult for the princess and was afraid of it.
After all, the third master left him to stare at the princess on the one hand, but another layer of meaning must also be to protect the princess, thinking about the breeze and leaving the backyard quickly at the same time